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This is my dream

This is my dream and I need your help to make it real

I’m Nav and I’m working towards to become a professional artist. I just wanna draw, create, learn and share that’s my life. I’ve been practicing for a while now and it’s going nowhere, without any proper resources and guidance it’s like wandering in desert naked. Mostly I’m seeking to learn about life drawing in art, drawing what I see in real life and creating my own.

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Traditional art lover

Artwork and story from Tejas Tanna

My name is Tejas Tanna. I’m 23 years old. I’m from India. Currently I am studying 2d animation. I love drawing since I was a kid. But I come from a very small town where art or drawing is not so much important subject in my school.

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Mitzie’s Story

Artwork and story from Mitzie

I’m 19 years old and based in Colorado, graduating from an art high school. I’ve been drawing since middle school. I like critters, karaoke, and chicken gump a whole lot! Art for me is my passion and drive and I want to be a professional artist one day, instead of being anything else. Challenges do come with this. I need to buy a tablet so I can start drawing on my computer. Drawing with a computer is, I think, the first step to becoming a professional digital artist. Besides learning strong foundations in art.

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Artwork and story from Anika Tabassum

My name is Anika Tabassum and I love art. I’ve been drawing since i was little.i love exploring different mediums and art styles. Art has a special place in my life. For me , art is therapeutic and a form of escapism. I sometimes, express my emotions through art. Although I’ve been drawing since ages, I’m constantly stuck because of my lack of understanding the fundamentals. It hinders my progress making me greatly demotivated. Moreover, I constantly face many challenges, especially in perspective, drawing anatomy etc.

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Channeling Those Who Went Before

Artwork and story from Diane Ackley

Growing up in Clare, Michigan, USA, I never even attempted drawing. While I was in the sixth grade, I did realize that I could write, and I continued writing voraciously for several years. When I went to Central Michigan University, I studied creative and copywriting, but I wound up working first in Desktop Publishing and later in Administration and Software Support.

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I want to move up

The Drawing Academy looks like a solid course with tutors who know the skills of craft, and that is why I would like to get this course. The best thing for me in this course is that I can receive critique on my art. My previous teachers could only tell me “well done” regardless how bad my drawings were. After checking the Drawing Academy articles with critique, I see that the teacher-student communication can be very different. Drawing Academy teachers are not afraid to tell what is wrong with students’ art and how to fix those mistakes. This is exactly what I need at this time – someone who can guide me on my mistakes and teach me how to avoid them.

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Learning Art all over again

Artwork and story from Dawn Irish

My name is Dawn Irish. I am 46 years old and about to go back to college to finish my education in Visual Arts. I am a mother of 4 lovely children who are all grown now and finally have time to do things I like.

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I want to learn art

Artwork and story from Rodny Garcia

My name is Rodny Garcia. I was born in Havana, Cuba. My artwork is a portrait of Leonardo da Vinci. I did it in impressionistic technique in acrylic. I have never had an art school. Everything I know about painting is self-learned thanks to YouTube videos.

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