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Art Competition Archive

The Artist’s Dream

The Artist's Dream

Drawing by Christopher Pam

My name is Christopher Pam I am from Nigeria. Ever since I was six I began to pick up my pencil to draw. That was when art first called me. Art is my life it’s everything to me and I want to be great at it.

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Real Americans

I am 79 years and looking for some more just to enjoy life the first half i worked hard, manual labor but now I get to do what I have wanted to do drawing.

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Art by Hamna

Art by Hamna

My name is Hamna Gadar. I’ve completed my school life and also intermediate. Apart from my academic studies at school, I have always enjoyed participating in sketching and painting activities. Although I am not a full time artist, a typical day for me would always involve having my pencils in my hands.

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Save the World from Boredom

Artwork by Alejo Tony

Hey everyone!! So I’m a storyteller basically. I’ve been writing down and putting together stories since I was little because I’ve just loved it! I’ve always loved attaching stories to anything and anyone I come across and drawing them out in the form of comics is my way of expressing those stories into more than just mind maps or ideas.

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Drawing a part of daily life

Drawing by Karan Shrestha

My name is Karan Shrestha. I was born in Kathmandu, Nepal which lies in Asia, neighboring country of China and India. Currently I am studying Information Technology but art and drawing has always been a part of my life.

Art is a daily part of my life, i draw in everything such as my college benches small papers walls i can find if i have a pencil or a pen.

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Artwork by Ruben Jasso

My time that I spend in art makes me feel better from the cares of every day life. Born in Texas I know Robert E Howard also was and he created Conan.

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A Long Road To Get Here

Artwork bby Deanna-Marie

I am a college student about to graduate with my bachelor’s. I’m also a mom and for the past four years I out my artwork on the back burner for my education and because I thought my abilities weren’t enough. Art has always been my favorite activity. I started getting into art when I was in fourth grade and it blossomed from there. Eventually I was in high-school where I entered competitions and the AP selection. However, I always felt like my art style never truly could compared to those around me.

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Artwork by Dustin Voyles

DV8tion through art

In my journey to deal with the stressors of life I found art. In endeavor I am seeking to sharpen every facet of my skill, including drawing. Iā€™m seeking this membership in order to improve my fundamental drawing to be applied to my paintings. Vote for me to help me draw ALL THE THINGS!

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