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Art Competition Archive

Artwork by Colin Groskopf

Centred Centurion

I retired from a career in law enforcement after 36 years of service. When I was recruited my Mother told the recruiting officer during a home interview that I was too sensitive to be a police officer. As a Nurse she was well aware of the dark side of humanity that policing exposes one to and she was not happy about my pursuit of such a life. The recruiting officer told her that what the world needed was police officers with more sensitivity and compassion and it sounded like I was just what he was looking for. So it began, and my Mother was right, but I never quit there were just too many people that needed help.

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Artwork by Melike Atasoy

My Rhythm of Lines And Colours of Emotions

Hi, My name is Melike. I’m 27 years old and from Turkey-Antalya. I graduated from university which department is labour economics and industrial relation.After university I worked with international companies in human resources department for 2 years and then I left my job because I never felt myself belonged there. When ı was young my parents were always telling to me you should go to university which has given guaranteed that job and money. But I preferred painting despite everything.

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Painting by Sameeha Khaliq

I was a born artist and always wanted to go to an art school for a strong foundation but somehow I couldn’t get in there. But my passion for art couldn’t stop me at any point and brought me face-to-face with art while leaving my job and all mundane concerns behind.

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Artwork by Leonardo Barbosa

Artium Leo

Hi! I’m Leonardo Barbosa, and about five months ago I decided to leave my professional career till that moment and go to pursuit my goals that were connected with my intellectual/spiritual affairs.

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Artwork by Hamna Gadar

The girl in dark

I’m Hamna Gadar, as long as I can remember I have had a love and passion to draw since a very young age.

I always did well in art classes and aspired to be an artist as I grew up.

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Learning to draw

Artwork by Melissa

Creating things by painting and drawing gives me great pleasure and sometimes I actually create things that I think are nice to look at (just for myself).

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Rupi Sonia Kaur Art

I am a mother of 3 young children and secondary school teacher. I took art to de stress and meditate and found that I really enjoy it as it helps me switch off.

I feel an immense satisfaction and achievement when I finish a piece of art work and I look forward to being able to draw. I never really had time for hobbies as an adult and didn’t have any opportunities for hobbies as a child so discovering art has given me a new direction/passion in life. I find realism appealing and equally challenging.

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Artwork by Diane Stolz

The Older, the Better!

I have been doing art for almost 60 years! I never tire of trying to discover more ways to paint and draw. Art (and music, mainly piano) have the highest priorites in my life (especially since my children grew up).

I teach classical piano, which by the way, is a tremendous help in the making of art, look at Felix Mendlessohn, a wonderful watercolorist as well as composer and pianist.

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Drawing by Terry Jackson

My name is Terry Jackson; I am female, despite the spelling of my name. I am originally from Virginia but currently live in Maryland.

In addition to art, I enjoy playing the guitar, watching Orioles baseball, meditation and listening to music. I started drawing seriously when I was 10 years old. My childhood drawings consisted mostly of cartoon characters and houses.

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