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Art Competition Archive

Make a dream come true

Story and artworks from Donna Blenkinsop

Hi I am 40 a mother of four children , one boy and three girls. When I left school I headed to art college and it was amazing , being creative and drawing is in my soul from an early age I could draw brilliantly, but due to my parents splitting up I left my dream courses, I didn’t handle well at all, this has been the biggest regret in my life.

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Who doesn’t want to win?

Story and artwork from Aleks Mcclary

My name is Aleks I’m an avid reader and was a writer however after some time I started to lose my interest in writing and could not pursue it any longer. Not in the way I wanted to anyways.

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Art – Lifesaver and Lifestyle!

Story and artwork from Linda Bonnes

I am a 67-year-old artist that is self-taught. I began my love of art as a very young child and presented anyone and everyone a piece (or more) of art regardless if they wanted it or not. Seriously, I began my art career when I was 15. I began with portraits made from the wallet sized senior pictures of my friends and family.

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Soul’s Flight

Story and artwork from Mary O’Donnell

My name is Mary O’Donnell and I am a special education English teacher. Two years ago, I lost my beloved aunt that was like a mother to me, then I lost vision in my left eye. I was at a loss for what to do in order to move past the hardest time of my life. I thought about my aunt who loved to paint, and in her memory, I began to paint and draw in order to strengthen my remaining eye. I fell in love with art, and have been teaching myself how to draw and paint ever since. It has been such a fun journey, but there are challenges when trying to teach myself drawing.

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Looking Back Longingly

Story and artwork from Charles Gilliam

My name is Charles “Chuck” Gilliam. I was born into a military family which offered me an opportunity to travel and see much of this country. These travels afforded me a great source of materials on which I have based my illustrative works. After many years of working as a professional illustrator and graphic designer, I have found himself in a position of determining images to tell a story.

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Modern Classical Art

Story and artwork from Justyna Grajner

I am an Art student, aged 18 and I was passionate about art since I can remember. My interest for it was growing constantly over the years and brought me to the point where I can tell that I became a more mature artist, I am also able to see the progress I am making.

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In pursuit

Artwork by Denise Mckenna

At 55 I am rediscovering my direction, as my children become adults.

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Learn anything you can but keep you free

Story and artwork from Cesare Buda

I’m an pretty mature 61 years old aeronautical engineer and bizdev manager.

Being Italian I’m soaked by art anytime and anywhereI move or even turn my head. Moreover I live in Rome and love art history without prejudices or conditioning.

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Mediterranean street

My name is Péter Somlyai

I learned the profession of a carpenter, meanwhile in the Fine Arts Circle led by the painter József Rácz 6 b. with pencil I developed my drawing skills with charcoal in watercolor and painted with pastel chalk. I worked as a decorator in the canning factory in Nagykőrös.

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