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Art Competition Archive

Artwork by Janet Reed

I left the career I loved in law enforcement and became self employed. Giving up my career was a horrible transition for me. An incomparable loss. Art has taken my mind away from what I have lost and to a new place. A place of joy and laughter. I found a child hidden in the adult. I had no idea that kid was still around.

Something made me start drawing a year ago. I kept at it. I literally burned hundreds of pieces of paper that I hated to every one piece of paper I kept.

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Watercolor by Paola Young

I would love to get back to drawing again

Hi, I’m Paola.

I use to draw when I was younger, than life got in the way and now that I have more free time on my hands I would love to get back to drawing again.

I’ve always had an interest in art, but haven’t had the confidence to commit to a structured art course. Until now. Upon visiting the Drawing Academy site and exploring what you have to offer, I knew this course was for me.

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Art with a purpose

My name is Sharon Kiewitz. Recently I started a new job. I work at a safety facility for youth that has been sentenced or is on awaiting trial.

Part of my job is to run upliftment programs. A month ago I started to draw. Drawings that I have copied and from that I launch a discussion.

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Dig Art!

Dig Art

Drawing by YUAN MEI

I’m a fashion designer and I’m always fascinated by women figure and expressionism abstract art.

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Painting by Petra Rakebrandt

Let go of fear

I am an intuitive coach and yoga teacher who integrates art into healing. For many years I lived a life that didn’t feel right for me and I even avoided making art, but luckily I understood again how art helps me and my clients to understand emotions and to liberate emotions through art and art-making. Also by creating art, we can face our emotions that are stuck and that we usually avoid to let come up, that makes it sometimes challenging to start a new artwork, especially when we know that what is coming up from the subconscious mind can be hurtful. I am amazed at how we can see parallels in life and art, how life is working and that art is just an expression of life.

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Drawing by Kenia Fx

I’ve always loved drawing but I did it for myself in my spare time. I had a kid when I was very young so I couldn’t study arts when I was younger. Now that my daughter is grown up I’ve started art studies and I feel very happy to do so.

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Painting by Carol-Lynn Bond


I’m a woman, 71 years of age, and have been painting seriously since I was 14 years old. I adore painting and drawing, always have, always will, and art is the major passion in my life. I’ve been privileged to be able to sell a few dozen or more of my paintings, and I get the biggest thrill when people want my work and tell me that they love it.

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Artwork by Onyirioha Vivian

Smile; nature’s gift

I am Onyirioha Vivian, a medical student living in the South-eastern part of Nigeria. Ever since I could remember, I always wanted to draw, I always loved to draw.

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