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Art Competition Archive

Wrinkles are the scars of time

Story and artwork from Vimal Nair

My name is Vimal Nair, a professional pastry chef with a passion for art.

As a self-taught artist, I find peace and inspiration in life through art and it motivates me to create the pieces I make.

Since I learned most of my artwork with the help of youtube and online platforms, I lack the knowledge of the basics of art and tips to improve my skills.

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Good Things Come…

Story and aertwork from Pierce Horvath

Hi, I’m Pierce Horvath. I’m 23 and I am an illustrator, animator, and musician from Chicago, Illinois. Art is everything in my life because I come from a very creative background. My family for generations have been musicians, dating back to when my ancestors lived in Eastern Europe. I play violin, guitar, and sing. My father plays drums but is an electrical engineer/draftsman by occupation. From a very young age, he taught me to draw simple shapes at first and that ignited my passion to create. Deep down, I realized it’s about telling a story through mark making and the overall visuals.

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Story and artwork from Magdalena Kraus

I’m 76 years old and still learning to do portraits; perhaps, too late at this age.

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The Color Paradise

Story and artwork by Ragav Palaniswamy

I am Ragav and I currently live in the UAE. I am an Indian. I am a student of Grade 9. Art is everything for me. It relaxes me. I do it when I am stressed, bored or just if I feel like painting or drawing.

I can convey my thoughts through art. I can paint my heart out whenever I want.

Seeing the vibrant colour combination, I fell calm and composed. My challenge in art is the same as for others; Perfection.

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Artwork by Levi Benyamini

I draw and paint since I was 13 y. old. However my development in life was in science, Ph.D. in biology. I never left drawing, and when I retired my main interest and focus was in drawing, painting, etc. Drawing Academy is a gift to any one who wants to master painting.

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Invisible Stories

Story and artwork from Mehmet Dere

I often find it obscene for an artist to talk about himself. It is a strange contradiction for a person who is both a state of affairs to tell yourself about his art using everyday language. I have been dealing with painting for about 20 years.

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Drawing by Yolanda Costachescu

Inspiration after Leonardo’s drawing


My name is Yolanda and I’m from Bucharest, Romania.

From early years of my life, I have been fascinated about art and it can express feelings and words, without sounds.

My life send me to a technical university, becoming an engineer, but always I have dreamed to paint.

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Drawing by Tilak

I am Tilak Thapa Magar from beautiful country Nepal where the Mount Everest lies.

My passion about an art can’t be explained in a word that how much I am dedicated on it.
There’s an old saying that “art is not what you see, but what you make others see”

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I am not afraid

Story and artwork from Hannelie

My name is Hannelie and I am a teacher at a home school centre and art tutor in my spare time. I live in South Africa and is privileged that I can share my talents with other people and teach them new art skills and enable them to use their art to channel their emotions positively. I love to see students grow and find themselves in their art as well as helping them find their unique style of artmaking. My favourite art medium is charcoal and graphite, but I also like to work with oil paint, pastels, pencils, acrylic and watercolour. I am also interested in learning different printing techniques. I grew up watching my grandmother paint and I believe that is where my love for art blossomed.

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The little dancer – la petite danseuse

Painting and stiry from ERIC BLANCHARD

Hello I am a 51 year old man my name and Blanchard Éric I am handicapped so art takes 85 percent of my life yes you have to eat well and wash I always wish to progress in my art which is painting with oil I have always been interested in Drawing Academy for the quality of its teachings I would like to win a competition to benefit from its courses so important for my artistic progress that I can of course not afford to pay (too small handicapped pension) I would like people to vote for me to give me the courage to continue and improve and see if my work affects people thank you all

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