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Art Competition Archive

Free to Fly in the Wild Woods

Artwork and story from Punnya Tolly Sunil

My name is Punnya Tolly Sunil. Arts and culture play a major role in my life. Exploring and feeling the beauty of art take me to an entirely new world

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Still on My Knees

Story and artwork by Rafael Lagatic

I’m a digital illustration artist but I would love to improve my anatomy skills. Art has a major impact in my line as it had been a great influence in the career path that I have chosen. I believe learning to draw traditionally will help me improve my skills. I always struggle in anatomy, foreshortening, light and shadow.

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Projecting my Imagination

Story and artwork from Lori

Hey there!

I am currently fourteen years old who has been using various videos and books on the internet to teach myself how to draw for almost two years. Watching those futuristic cyber-movies and CGI films when I was younger drove me to become an artist, and seeing the ideas of so many people be put into just one film while making such an impact on others made me want to do it too!

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Anish’s artwork


Myself Anish, and I am an artist and also an electrical engineer. Being an artist the art takes an important role in my life that it reduces my stress and tensions during my work.

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Mother Nature

Story and artwork by Yera

Hey there, I’m a self-taught artist.

I started making art from a young age only because my older sister was talented, and I took inspiration from her. We were both referred to as the ‘art sisters’, although I was always slightly overshadowed by her, but recognized nonetheless. After a move to a different continent, I started relying on my art as my voice, in a way, because I barely knew the language. It helped a lot with coping. Only recently, though, have I started taking art seriously. I even attended my first art class for a while before the quarantine.

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Mixed style artist

Story and artwork by Gugulethu

I am a Self-Taught Artist. Having to grow up mostly indoors, the love of creativity grew tremendously.

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Window to the soul

Story and artwork from Elana Kippen

Hello, my name’s Elana! I found it very hard to express my feelings, so I channelled them all into my drawings.

I wanted to study physics at university but I’m giving it up for art. My dream is to master all aspects of art, but my parents have an irregular income and can’t financially support me to take art classes.

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The perfect shade of Red

Story and artwork from Melani Cara


I will start by telling a little bit about myself, I am a young artist with a very big interest in realism. I am also a big fan of art that tells a story. What type of story does your art tell?
Being able to tell and create a story is crucial for me and through art I can do just that! Art is my way of expressing myself and my way of talking without opening my mouth.

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Water and fire

Artwork from Rachel

Hey, I honestly just like to draw and want to learn how to be better at it. (Especially hands, I stink at drawing hands)

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