Art Competition Archive

Jupiter and Thetis

Artwork and story from Harsh Vardhan

Hi! my name is Harsh Vardhan. I am a young man who aspire to become a skilled artist. This artwork is my rendition of of Jupiter and Thetis 16.5×23.4 after Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres in Pencil.

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Aspiring to become one of the best

Story of young painter aspiring to become one of the best

By Marija Vujkov

I’m a young artist who’s deeply engaged in the world of creativity and self-expression. Art is my sanctuary, allowing me to convey emotions, ideas, and stories through every stroke of the brush or pencil. While challenges like finding my unique style and battling self-doubt are common, they fuel my determination to improve.

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My motivation

Artwork and story from Alice Américo Salvan

I been drawing since childhood, now art it’s not only a hobby but my sense of self worth. Everything in the spectrum, of writing to painting, they are pillars of my daily life.

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I enjoy drawing people

Artwork and story from Bluey

My name is Lehlonono and my artist name is Bluey, I am 19 years old and I am an aspiring fine artist from South Africa. I love fantasy, especially dark fantasy my all time favourite movie series is Harry Potter and my all time favourite show in Miraculous Ladybug followed by Arcane. love pastry and chocolate. I’m also fascinated by all things technology and I listen to pop music with a touch of every other genre. I also enjoy playing a video game called The Sims.

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Love me

Artwork and story from Priscilla Gatt

I am a mother of two, a wife and a nurse. I draw and paint in my little free time often having to revise first my self thought tutorials before starting.

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To Live Again

Artwork and story from Orion

My artist name is Orion and I’m a student in highschool. I’ve been drawing since I was 6, and I still clearly remember scribbling a princess in a storybook a friend gave me. I’m not sure, but something has always drawn me to art. The beauty, the variety, the creativity? I love it.

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Rebirth of the Self

Artwork and story from A.Muse Art

I always loved drawing as a child but did not keep up with this interest as I got older. Several years ago I refound my love for Art and knew that I wanted to take it more seriously. I am self taught and have not received any classical training.

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Monochrome for life

Artwork and story from Ganesh

I am studying in the digital field of creating art both in 2D and 3D. I’ve been making drawings since my middle of childhood in traditional media. I am very inspired by monochrome art and sketches, so I gave it a try.

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