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Art Competition Archive

When the Fairies Come out to Play

Story and artwork from Jacob Lesan

I grew up in Slovakia, where castles and forests formed an integral part of my make-believe worlds as a child. I quickly discovered drawing as a way to portray the intense visions in my mind. When I was young, my parents would put cardboard up on the wall so that I would not ruin the plaster with my scribbles. Of course, I filled up the cardboard and reached above to scribble directly onto the wall.

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Ethereal Nature Prince

Artwork from Diane Zoe

Ethereal Prince surrounded by the awesome nature. It took me 4 days to make it a perfection. It’s made using different H&B pencils and a dust-free eraser.

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For His Glory

Story and painting from Louise Hasselstrom I have always found joy in drawing and painting. It has been my refuge in times of trouble and a way to express my love for life. As a young girl, my parents and teachers encouraged me to pursue art. Unfortunately, even with lessons and a strong desire to paint, I was sidetracked by neighbourhood predators who stole my innocence and voice. Unable to speak up for myself, I turned to drugs and alcohol. My lack of maturity and mental confusion led to increased abusive relationships. My artistic desires were being suffocated. My then “boyfriend” controlled my every thought, “Your art is worthless.” Though I had a portfolio for college admission, I could not bring myself to walk in the door of Mass Art for my interview. The years went on and it is…

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Visual Adventure

Story and artwork from Thomas Dude

I am a teacher and a lover of art. I am from northern California and now I living in Southern California.

I have traveled to many places in the world and have been inspired by each. Art take a very important role in my life.

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The beauty of art never dies

Story and artwork from Madeline Garbo

As a young child, I came to realise that there is beauty in everything, even if it is flawed. Now, at 20, I look upon the old masters of the art world and realise that their creations reflect the notion that beauty never dies. I never focused completely on strengthening my form of art until the beginning of this year. And I know I’m not perfect. But nothing is. As Leonard Da Vinci said “a beautiful body perishes, but a work of art dies not.” This compelling pull to find beauty in an imperfect world is where art takes me. It brings emotions that shows me the true beauty of the imperfect world I live in. The entire imperfect universe is a canvas of beauty.

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Put some of your soul on your canvas

Story and artwork from Nourhan Aljoundy


My name is Nourhan Aljoundy, Syrian independent artist who lives in Milan city.

After I left the field of my previous study (Pharmacy) I started my real career in art, I did 4 children books as an illustrator, I worked in various projects as 2d animator.

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Story and artwork from Carlos Sanchez

Born in PR, and raised in NYC of a single hard working parent. As a young adult My dream was always to become an artist. With the limited economical resources I was not able to get proper guidance and formal training to develop the necessary art skills.

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Love to learn

I am a lifetime student and I love to learn, especially in art and languages. Art has been a refuge, a retreat, a meditation, and an inspiration for me.

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Healing Through Art

My name is Fabien Barabé and I am last of eleven siblings and moved to from Montrea where I met my future husband and we moved to Halifax in 1997.

l have been drawing from an early age where I did comic books.

I moved on to cartooning and was published in two Montreal papers from 1994 to 1996 with a cartoon the Spice of Life.

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hen ever I think that I should do something in this world or being busy nothing comes to my mind except my passion of painting or designs

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