Art Competition Archive

Proclaiming Beauty

Artworks and story from Lena T.

From a young age, the everyday beauty of life has captivated me. It is my goal as an artist to capture this beauty and tell its story the best I know how.

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My Story, My Work, My CHANCE

Artwork and story from Rim ARAFEH

I am Rim ARAFEH, a self-taught artist. I’ve loved drawing since childhood, but honestly speaking, in order to please my parents I went in a totally different direction,

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Glimmer of Hope

Artwork and story from Andy Zimmer

My name is Andy. Ever since I was a little child I have enjoyed drawing and coloring. Every afternoon I would watch cartoons while practicing how to learn to draw them.

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I love drawing

Artwork and story from Whyt Tiger


My story starts in 2017 when I fell in love with drawing. I was so excited, but I didn’t know anything about drawing.

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I take art seriously

Artwork and story from Myra Saleemi

I’ve always loved art as a kid and even now as I’m old. I go to a small relatively unknown school which doesn’t centre around arts in the slightest. My school is very academic focused and does not cater to those who are more creative. So as I have been in this school my whole life I have not had access to a good art education.

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