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Art Competition Archive

Drawing by Aileen Durkan

What’s the difference between learning drawing skills in a class setting compared to learning them online?

I have been creating art since I was knee high to a leprechaun! And as my path through life has changed over the years my interest in making art has always been a constant.

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“Alone boat” by Irina Udris

Artwork and story by Irina Udris

Hello, I live in Russia.

I was always fond of drawing, but I didn’t have the opportunity to get a professional education. I studied at the university and painted at night.

Drawing is the basis of all areas of fine art.

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Artwork from Carlos Plazaa

Old guys still rock!

I’m a 65 year old artist, self taught, and I decided to let my dreams come true by drawing day and night. I worked all my life, never had time to paint or draw till 3 years ago.

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Distorting the figure

Artwork by Eliam Puente

I got back into art at an older age (33) and have a lot of catching up to do. I’m ambition with what I want to accomplish and push myself harder and harder ever day.

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Portrait drawing by Gerhard Prinsloo

Pencil Portrait of Phibi

At school I loved to draw, so much so that my grades suffered. My reference and inspiration were mainly from picture library comics. After school I studied commercial art, and after graduating I worked as a display artist at a museum for two years. But then my career path changed and I ended up doing a job that had nothing to do with art.

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A Product of Passion

My name is Ana Felicia Leon Valdez

I was born and raised in Puerto Rico, but I moved to Florida on October 31st, 2017 due to Hurricane Maria’s strike in Puerto Rico. Since then, life has been full of uphill battles and I conquered them one by one, but I’m happier than I could’ve ever been back in PR.

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Breaking old habits

Drawing by James Amidon


As a life long artist from my earliest recollection, I have put in the hours after school, through community college, and spare time after work to build mostly a self taught artist life.

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Portrait drawing by Jonathan Hart

I want to be better at drawing, specifically portraits and still lifes – Vincent van Gogh said drawing is everything and that is a cornerstone of my outlook even though I’m not very good yet I can see a little progress which is the great thing about drawing. Put the hours in and you can see progress.

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Portrait by Himanshu

Drawing of Salman Khan

Hello friends,

I am an IT professional. Art means a lot to me, it drives me to some divine and serene place where I am not present but dissolve, being the one. That seems like meditation for me.

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Exceptional devotion

Artwork by Pradeep


I’m Pradeep, an engineer by profession and budding artist by heart. From my childhood, I always wanted to draw and paint which can leave lasting impression on the audiences, however never spent enough time to practice and improve my basic skills into mastery. Now, I regularly make time to practice and I want to continue my efforts to improve further. I struggle a bit with proportions and tonal values.

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