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Art Competition Archive

Bohemian fruit

Artwork by Latonja Davis

I am a self taught artist. I have always loved to draw. I want to improve my skills in general. I would especially like to learn how to paint.

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Story and artwork from Beatriz Alves Lourenço

My name is Beatriz Alves, I am a Brazilian artist.

I love drawing since childhood, but I started taking it seriously recently, which changed my life.

Art is what brings excitement to my existence. Waking up knowing that I can create something that other people can relate to is what makes me want to continue living and what helped me to overcome really difficult moments.

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Art as a way of life

Story and drawing from Geert De Vuyst

Hi, my name is Geert De Vuyst.

I am a male in his early fifties and live in Belgium between Antwerp and Ghent. There’s even an art gallery nearby with the same surname: ‘De Vuyst’ (de-vuyst.com/en)

This has some advantages, especially the fact that I have access to a lot of museums where some of the finest flemish old masters art is being kept. One of my preferred places in Antwerp is the Rubens house where Peter Paul Rubens used to live. (rubenshuis.be/en)

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The painter Aseel

Story and artwork from Aseelzeid


I am a psychologist, and I draw since my childhood. Drawing has always helped me when I feel the need for a companion so I open my notebook and draw and feel comfortable.

My biggest challenge in art is the lack of good learning resources through which I can develop.

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Classical Portraits

Story and artwork form Akash Dey

Hi, my name is Akash Dey. I am currently studying to be an artist. I graduated high school this year. I am drawing and painting each day, learning anatomy, studying the techniques of old masters, and also thinking about my own art journey. Art give meaning to my life. Any kind of creation gives meaning to our lives, but for me painting is the one. I love painting and drawing. I want to become a good artist, and being a good painter is a part of that aim.

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Gurkha Portrait Sketch

Story and artwork from Shankar Gurung

My name is Shankar Gurung and I have always been fond of Art in portrait painting and sketch. Whenever I am free, I start taking out my art tools and keep myself in motion throughout the day. It has always been challenging, since I like to use various mediums in my art.

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My passion is art

Story and artwork from Yampier Sardina

Since I was a child I liked drawing, it is a deep feeling, which became a necessity. I studied in an art academy 4 years, there I met a great artist, who dedicated his life to the knowledge of the classic techniques of drawing and painting. I spent several years with him as an assistant and disciple. Today I dedicate my life to art. Drawing is a passion.

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Art that will turn you to stone

Artwork by Edward van den Berg

My aim with my works, is to capture emotion on canvas, to make a person stop for a moment and pause, turn them to stone and think, and have an effect of “turned to stone” for a while.

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Unlikely Times

Story and artwork from Ken

Hello, I’m Ken. I am a young self taught artist. I primarily work in traditional mediums such as pencil and pens. I aspire to become a fine artist after graduating high school. I feel the most challenged when learning color theory, proportions, and anatomy.

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