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Art Competition Archive

Artwork by JoyAnne Lozano

Just Accident or Not?

An accident, yes an accident led me to be where l am today. I was born with severe health complications so that the only places I went was the doctors office, hospital and home. The only thing take with me or get a hold of was paper and a pencil or pen, so naturally I started drawing.

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Artwork by Dan Skaggs


I am 72 years old. I have a masters degree in Fine Arts with an emphasis on Sculpture. After bouncing around the world as a surfer and being a self employed cabinet maker, I returned to my first love, Sculpture. I have had a 30 year career as a sculptor. I displayed my sculpture at the Festival Of Arts in Laguna Beach. One year I displayed a sculptural waterwall. I was taken aback by the interest it received. It was chosen for purchase by the Festival Of Arts for it’s permanent collection. The next summer, it is an 8 week show every summer, I decided to show another water feature along with my sculpture. With a family to support and a public hungry for water features and “feng shui”, I was discovering this a viable way to earn a living as an artist.

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Artwork by Christina Yee

Getting back into drawing – hear me roar!

I am a recently new stay at home mom. I had been a workaholic and am finally taking time off to recalibrate my life’s goals. I finally picked up drawing again after many years of hiatus (aka since pretty much high school, and that was decades ago). Work was rather hectic before and one day, in an effort to de-stress and I decided to open up the watercolor kit my wonderful husband bought for my birthday nearly 2 years prior.

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Artwork by Niluh Sudarti

Bali, Paradise

Niluh Sudarti is an Indonesian female painter. Niluh feels strong connection between Art and Spiritualism. She believes that Art and Spiritualism are intersects with the existence of Love and Life.

There is joys and gratefulness she found on Art, therefore there is such no challenge other than simply enjoying the process. Art is like being in the moment, forever. Eternally.

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Dream drawing

Dream drawing

Story from Maryam Seyedi Zade

I’m a social science student who loves art but lives in a country that does not care about artists, so I draw for my heart cause there is no money, fame or respect for a poor Artist in where I live.

There are lot’s of challenges that I have to face art supplies are very expensive and there isn’t even a good store or art class near where I live, so have to work part time jobs to pay for supplies and travel two hours and a half to find a store for what I need.

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Making art is a daily school

Painting by Hans Mozer

Every day drawing and painting results in an everyday learning process for me.

I started painting with oil paint just a few years ago, although I’m 60 years old I plan to paint everyday till I die.

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Drawing by Jessica Denney

Hello, my name is Jessica. I’ve always been obsessed with art, whether its painting, coloring, building, drawing. Art is my way of expressing myself, the part of me no one else knows.

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Drawings with soul

Artwork by Elena Legutko

Hello, my name is Elena. I am 37 years old, I live in Moscow. I’m not a professional artist. In adulthood, I studied for several years in the art studio academic drawing and painting. There I was given the basic knowledge, that I use in my work. Currently, I am more focused on graphic works.

I have always liked colored pencils, and I once tried to make a portrait of a dog in such a technique, and I did it. Overall I have made more than 30 dog portraits with colored pencils, pastels and oil. This has been a priority for me over the past few years. I also started to draw colored pencil portraits of people.

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Artwork by Klara

Hi, my name is Klara. My dreams are to become a great artist and inspire other people with my work and mostly I want that they will enjoy in it.

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