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Art Competition Archive

Art by Charles Gilliam

Present a painting that allows the viewer to write their own story and become part of the painting

Ever since I was a small boy I wanted to be an artist. Fortunately for me, my Mom and Dad encouraged my art. From kindergarten forward I was drawing whatever struck my fancy.

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Drawing by Wayne Allen


I retired and started drawing about 4 years ago. Being able to draw portraits was my goal so I signed up for the Drawing Academy art course.

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Artwork by Frances White

Mother’s love

My name is Frances White, I am 68 years old living in Trinidad and Tobago. When I was around 10 years I remember coming 3rd on an island wide competition for students. Right now art is a hobby but I want to become a profession and make a living from it. I am self taught but winning through Drawing Academy and doing the course I will be taught proper rules on drawing which will enhance my works.

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By Rudy Doclo

The Magic of Silence in my head

is needed, right here, in front of my Canvas, but it does not come on demand! Getting in the flow of creating art, be it an image from my brain or a copy of one of my favourite masterpieces in history, it doesn’t matter much.

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Artwork by Lisa Lockett

Old World Artworks

Hello. My name is Lisa Lockett and I started drawing at the age of five. It seemed to come naturally for me and I enjoyed it so much that I could do it for hours. However, I put my art away and attained a degree in Journalism/Advertising from the University Of Missouri-Columbia. There, I studied Advertising and Design and was later able to own my own graphic design firm, Lockett Design, in the University Tower in St. Louis. Later I went to work for a prominent law firm in St.Louis as Marketing Coordinator. I left the firm to freelance as a designer and later an artist because I realized that is where my true passion and talent lies.

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Drawing by Pramod SP

Drawing by Pramod SP


I have had no formal art education, but was always attracted towards it since childhood. Finally, I decided to give up my job (been 2 years now) and completely get into arts so that I can practice and study arts (currently studying through books and learning Indian traditional art from a sculptor).

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Artwork from Wassim Touir

Art enthusiast

My name is Wassim Touir and I’m 18 years old.

I started drawing since I was 5 years old, and I began to learn by myself through internet videos and free e-books, but I figured out that I wasn’t improving very much so I really wanted to sharpen my drawing skills by learning from the old masters and I found that Drawing Academy is the best place where I can benefit from the knowledge and the support giving by the academy tutors.

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Drawing by Lin Hui Lee

From Within to Without

I have always dreamt of becoming an artist since I was a child yet never had the chance to realise this dream. I’ve been taught that one can never make a living as an artist and that pretty much affected the choices I’ve made. I did not choose to pursue art in school and when I finally decided that I wanted to in university, it was too late because I didn’t have the pre-requisites.

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