Art Competition Archive

Expressing myself through digital art

Artwork and story from Norman Collins

I’ve been interested in expressing myself through art for as long as I can remember. I have been trying to draw portraits of people for many years and I now decided that I want dedicate more to this skill that I find very rewarding.

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I love to paint and draw

Artwork and story from Etsub

Hi! My name is Etsub, and I’m an art student. I love to paint and, draw. I’m also an avid fan of photography and digital art.

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A dreamer student

Artwork and story from Vitor

My name is Vitor and I am from Brazil.

Art is very important to me as it is what I practice the most and it gives me a chance to express myself.

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A Mother’s Love

Drawing and story from Amanda Bitting

I am a mother of seven children and an artist, muralist and art teacher. I have always loved to draw. My mother had natural talent and encouraged me by taking me to art classes, helping me enter art competitions and supporting me. She dreamed of us taking an art class together after I graduated high school but unfortunately cancer stole her away from us before we could realize that dream.

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What others call passion

Artwork and story from Sara Xavier

My name is Sara from Brazil. I’ve drawn a lot since I was a child, I always draw at least three days a week.The art in my life is what I am, because I cannot live without expressing what I perceive in the world. I have depression and that’s why I use art as therapy. ( Seriously,To focus In some activity, Where focusing on something is quite calming for my anxiety) I can only have this degree of mindfulness when I’m drawing.

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Artwork and story from Kemi

Hello, my name is Kemi. I’m from Nigeria and I’ve been drawing since I was 12. I’m currently 23 so I’ve been drawing for 11 years.

Art has always been a part of me. Whether it’s in the form of poetry, music or drawing.

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Desire to learn how to draw

Artworks and story from Thauan Silva

Hi, my name is Thauan Silva.

Everything started when I bought a tablet to help me with image manipulation. I could make finer and more precise details. Always researching how to improve, I saw a video of someone drawing some candles, he replicated several of them on the sand, worked on the lighting and put it together in an image he was manipulating, it was a girl on the beach, and now, with several candles illuminating the ground.

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I love Art

Artwork and story from Hani Aldawas


My name is Hani Aldawas. I’m from Saudi Arabia, I’m an artist and I like to improve my skills in drawing.

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Artwork and story from Mutabingwa Ronald

Amidst my exams, I was reminded of drawing academy competition. Life is full of risks, so I had to give a shot. Luckily there was a piece in my art work which was half way.

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