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Art Competition Archive

Emotion portrayed in art

Story and artwork from Charles Gilliam

My name is Chuck Gilliam. I grew up in the military. That time gave me an opportunity to see much of the United States of America. I began drawing as a young boy and found much joy and excitement in that pursuit as I moved from one place to another. That excitement continued as I grew up and continued to move in my later life. To be able to paint and draw the things that I saw that excited me gave me great pleasure. And so it is today. I work constantly to learn new ways to draw and paint. I love to try new styles and looks in my work. I work with many mediums as each presents a new way to see and therefore convey the things I see. From graphite, to colored pencil, to watercolor, to oils. Each one challenges, each one with its peculiar demands excites and drives me to create.

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The Watchman by Mary Townsend

Story and artwork from Mary Townsend

Like a lot of would-be-artists I was drawing from the moment I was allowed to hold a pencil unsupervised – actually before that. I would draw on anything I could lay my tiny hands on including, but not limited to, books, newspapers, and the wallpaper.

Every birthday, Christmas and holiday I received colouring books, drawing pads, pencils and paints. Not so much to encourage my artistic flair but rather to discourage further vandalism, as standard disciplinary measures didn’t seem to work. I just wanted to draw.

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Art is my lifeline

Artwork by Mik

I am 61 yrs of age and art is my lifeline.I challenge myself every day. I want to better myself in all aspects.I think Drawing academy is perfect for me.

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An Art Teacher who wants to really learn

Story and artwork from Roberto Helguera

For the longest time, I remember saying to myself: “If I had a million bucks, I would take the time off of work, move Florence and complete a two-year art academy course there in the old masters’ style. I used to read International Artist magazine in the US and envy those who could do this. But, as life would have it, I am a married man who has left his legal career to teach and run a small Catholic liberal arts school in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Since art has always been a part of my life, I teach it at my school as well. And I make sure to teach it in the classical realist mode. It has always been clear to me that college art schools or institutes are no match against the best realist art ateliers out there. I was happy to find that now, with the Drawing Academy, I don’t need to be “out there” to have great art teachers!

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Reshaping history

Story and artwork from Ganesan Srinivasan

Art has been my passion since I was young, but could not pursue seriously as life pulled me in different directions. I recently retired and decided to rekindle my passion in art. I never had any formal training, and initially looked at several online resources and started sketching still life and portraits. While I could copy from photos reasonably well, I really wanted to master various techniques the right way.

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Crazy about art

Artwork from YN

I have been drawing since I was a child and when I do is like time stops. I could be drawing for hours and don’t feel hungry, tired or wanting to stop. I am inclined to representational and figurative art and have an immense admiration for the style of the old masters.

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From Veteran to Artist

Story and artwork from David A Steenblock

Hi my name is David A. Steenblock. I am a veteran that served in the US Army and now I am doing my best to become a professional artist. For me, art has become very important to my life. It has because I feel fulfilled when I draw or paint, there is nothing quite like it. I have been practicing the left few years to become a better artist.

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Drawing by Sabina Kunder Ricci

My friend

Its been my lifelong dream to be an artist but for several reasons I have been unable to pursue my dream until recently and at a later stage of my life. Art is the language of my soul and I yearn to learn the techniques to express my thoughts and visions of the world around me as I see it.

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Robyn- Miami nighttime balcony toast

Artwork and stiry from Martin Savitzky

At the age of 16, I gave up art for a career path in science and subsequently law. In retirement, I‘ve returned to my artistic roots and threw myself into painting and drawing using internet resources that were not previously available to me. I’ve been in suspended animation for fifty years and need to catch up.

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