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Art Competition Archive

The Canners

Story and drawing from Anthony W Hillick

I am 59 year accounting professional who deliberately stopped drawing in my early teens as all my fellow pupils were more skilled than me.

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Mohamed Derouiche

I am a self taught artist who’s trying to learn from the best in order to sharpen my drawing skills by mastering the basics.

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Seeking Perfection!

Story and artwork from Joseph Marquez

I am 39 years old from Albuquerque, New Mexico. I am a self taught artist, now don’t get me wrong I took art class in school, but I never really learned a lot of technique.

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Story and artwork from Jerry David

Art is actually my life and something I have been doing since childhood.

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My Favorite Cherry Blossom Tree

Story and artwork from Courtney

I am new to painting, this is my first real painting I’ve ever done and I think it turned out alright. I love being able to go to where the painting is as if I was there in the scene living that life, and it can be a challenge sometimes to get that kind of place on canvas but I definitely want to learn more about being able to do that.

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Sue’s art

Artwork from Susan Moore

I use art ad therapy unemployed health issues it helps keep me express create and relax been good at since school I love it.

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Renaissance Women

Story and artwork from Anna Sims

I live in a small cottage with my husband, a woodcarver and our dog Charity. she is a rescue Greyhound. We live near the New Forest in Dorset England. Our cottage is filed with our artwork. I paint all the time, day and night. I live for painting. I am never satisfied with what I do and am always looking forward to making the next painting better. This is my challenge.

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Art passion

Story and artwork from Steeve Cadeau Hi, I am Steeve I’m from Orlando and I am passionate of art. Art takes a big place in my life and make me cheerful when I’m doing it. But my biggest challenge in art is how should I make the drawing more realistic and make people think through what I Drew. I like drawing and I want to learn more on create more drawing in perspective point. Drawing Academy make me see things that I don’t really give attention too and see myself in drawing. I want to be a winner on this competition for one thing, not because I’m good in art, or not because my drawing may be more great full then the others but because drawing make me see things in another point.

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My baby Adam’s creation

Story and artwork from Satenik Mkrtchyan

I am self-motivated Armenian Artist living in the UK. Love to paint since my childhood. My serious steps towards art were 6 years ago, when I took silver and golden markers and draw an icon of The Virgin Mary and baby Jesus on black paper without drawing faces. Being encouraged by my parents and friends I opened Facebook page, made and published lots of paintings in that style.

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The Truth is in the Eyes

Artwork and story from Jelena Polimac

The first thing coming to my mind, when I need to tell about myself, is that I love to draw and paint since I know for myself. Other than that, I lived in many different places, so I like to meet different people and cultures!

Unfortunately, jobs that I did were mostly not in art, but art is always in me and I am searching for every single free moment so I can draw. I like to try all techniques and it is the challenge for me to do my best with any medium.There is always something to learn in art, same like in every other field.

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