Mt. Bisoke

Mt. Bisoke

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Artwork and story from Mutabingwa Ronald

This art piece that I made was inspired by a dream I had about three important iconic individuals that is Queen Elizabeth, Mr. Bean and William Shakespeare.

In the dream a tiger’s cub was given to the Queen as a gift for her birthday. But its failure to arrival at the palace raised concern for Mr. Bean who immediately had to report the bad news to the Queen. Not surprised , not sad but serious , she orders him to find it.

The Queen then gives William Shakespeare a surprise visit at his office and directs him to go with Mr. Bean for a two weeks vacation in Mt. Bisoke, Rwanda. Did Mr. Bean find the cub!!.

With such an inspiring dream , I decided to create an art piece which could act as a poster in case such a dream was to be turned into a movie.

Choosing images to use for a composition was not easy because I had to put into consideration what was doable(things I could manage to draw well and comfortable for me) that I learnt from Drawing Academy.

In my first stage I had to make sure I balanced perspective and where possible allowed foreground, middleground and background to be visible for the case of landscape. I also added my creativity there.

I have come to admire Drawing Academy’s emphasis on “practice” which I believe has been helping me alot and I believe winning would provide more refinement to me.
Thank you.

I want to win this Competition and I need your help!

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