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Vladimir London – the Drawing Academy founder

Fine Artist – Art Teacher – Author

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Vladimir London - Drawing Academy Founder

Vladimir’s Vision, Purpose and Mission:


Fine art created to portray the beauty and purpose of life


To Help Fine Artists Achieve Success


  • To show
    To reanimate and promote genuine values of Classical Fine Art, and continue the traditions of the Old Masters, passing them to new generations of artists.
  • To teach
    To provide proper and professional education, keeping the classical art techniques alive, share the knowledge of marketing skills and methods.
  • To inspire
    To encourage artists to seek inspiration in true values of the Classical Fine Art and develop an individual creative style based on the rich heritage of the art knowledge and craftsmanship.

Vladimir London - Drawing Academy Tutor

About Vladimir London

Fine Art Academies
Vladimir London is the founder of the Drawing Academy and also co-founder of the Web Art Academy, online academies helping fine artists to discover almost forgotten classical drawing and traditional oil painting techniques.

Vladimir London has created multiple educational materials for fine art students which are greatly beneficial for fine artists who want to develop their drawing skills and gain new confidence in their creativity backed up with the ability to draw professionally.

Art Fame books
Vladimir is the internationally published author. He has written “FINE ART– YOUR FAME AND WEALTH. Who if not you?” This book’s content is also available on Amazon as a series of three books: Fine Art Marketplace – How You Can Benefit; How to Establish and Promote Your Fine Art Brand; and How to Make Money From Your Fine Art.

These books are exposing the contemporary fine art market, and provide valuable information on how fine artists can create and develop their personal brands, and profit from their art in the creative environment that is shifting to the digital marketplace rapidly.

12 Biggest Mistakes to Avoid in Drawing
For those art students, who want to learn traditional drawing skills, Vladimir London has created numerous video lessons, including the free guide – 12 BIGGEST MISTAKES TO AVOID IN DRAWING.

As he points out in this 4-part video series, the contemporary art education leads to some erroneous ideas in fine art and drawing in particular. Vladimir exposes these knowledge and skills gaps and provides practical advices how to develop proficient art skills.

The Oil Painting Guide
In response to a high demand from many fine art students, Vladimir London together with Natalie Richy has created a useful resource for painters in oil – THE OIL PAINTING GUIDE FOR FINE ARTISTS. This guide is an essential part of the Web Art Academy curriculum and available in the digital book format on Amazon as well as a series of video lessons on //Art.WebArtAcademy.com.

This Guide is a very useful source of information for art students interested in traditional oil paintings techniques. It reveals essential rules of oil painting together with necessary materials used by the Old Masters. It also explains in detail the multi-layer oil panting technique that has almost been forgotten since the Renaissance. The information on the multi-layer approach covers such topics as oil painting grounds, underdrawing, imprimatura, underpainting, dead colour layer, overpainting, glazing, scumbling, and varnishing.

Vladimir is continuously working on creating new educational materials for fine art students, who follow him from all over the world. He regularly publishes those video lessons and books online in digital formats.

Vladimir London - Drawing Academy

Here is what Vladimir London says:

For many years I have been teaching fine art students worldwide how to achieve success in fine art and my know-how will be definitely beneficial for you.

My biggest passion is to share the knowledge and experience and be useful to other people who follow my path toward success in fine art. I like helping others. The comprehension that my personal example and valuable resources create for students, helping them to achieve success in fine art, fascinates me and gives me a sense of self-fulfilment and satisfaction.

You are very welcome to sign up for my free fine art newsletter or visit educational websites, which provide valuable information on how to become successful in fine art, and how to improve your painting and drawing skills. If you do so, I am promising to send you some e-mails in the future. When e-mails from me hit your mailbox I want to make sure you get the most valuable info, and I want you to believe that it comes from a reliable source. That means trusting me!

I know beyond doubt that you would receive amazing and valuable information, advices and know-how on topics which interest you – how to become a successful fine artists, how to develop needed skills of traditional oil painting and drawing, how to build your personal fine art brand, how to market yourself on the contemporary art marketplace, and how to benefit financially from your art on new emerging markets in digital era.

This experience and knowledge did not come to me overnight. It was accumulated, learned, and practiced during many years of education and a creative career. I have drawn and painted for as long as I can remember. The fine art painting and drawing knowledge I have today started with the art education that came from intensively studying easel drawing and painting for 15 years from the age of nine.

I was fortunate to get very professional fine artists as art teachers. My fine art education combines three separate 5-year courses – Fine Art School where I studied Drawing, Painting, History of Art, Decorative Arts, and Sculpture. Then it was the 5-year course at the Academy of Art, department of Easel Painting and Drawing. And finally, I spent five more years obtaining the university degree, and becoming a professional fine art teacher.

Since then fine art has been an essential part of my professional life. After graduation I was painting in oil and watercolour and did exhibitions in Europe and North America. My artworks found their home in collections in the USA, Canada, UK, Finland, Holland, Germany, Poland, France, Spain, and many other countries.

Presently I am teaching fine art students over the Internet as it helps to provide value to so many people around the world who would not be able to benefit from me otherwise. No more limitations of time or countries borders constrain the way students can learn skills and techniques of drawing, painting, and fine art marketing from me.

Many of my fine art students write me telling that my How to Draw video lessons and fine art books have been a great teaching resource and inspiration to them. They share their success stories, which you may find here //drawingacademy.com/drawing-academy-reviews

To your creative success,
Vladimir London