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Let Me be Selfish for Once

Artwork and story by Coven Rose

First, gratitude to my parents, and my painting teacher who brought me the joy of painting when I was a young child that one summer class. I’d like to go by Coven Rose, a pseudonym no one knows but one that has silently resided in my heart for years, a name so foreign yet so familiar. I was born in a coastal town in Myanmar, but moved to the city in order to pursue better opportunities for my education. I was always alone but never alone, as art was my longtime companion.

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I want this drawing course and UGEE1600 pen display!

Artwork by James Collins

I used to sketch for pleasure as a youngster, then quit when I got older, and then returned to it four years ago and began taking it more seriously. I’d want to win the Drawing Academy course so that I may take full advantage of it and learn what I’ve been missing out on. And I believe there is so much to learn that I would benefit much from a decent art course to lead my artistic development.

If I do not win this art course, I will consider purchasing the UGEE1600 pen display anyway because I have seen how the art course instructor, Vladimir London used this tablet. It seems such a nice and easy way to make sketches. I want to learn digital drawing to become a better artist and illustrator!

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Chasing perfection – Preserving world’s beauty

Artwork by Andres Montilla

Hi! I’m Andres, a self-taught artist who found in Art his purpose in life. Art is everything for me, there’s no other lifestyle I want to seek, I’ve been involved in this amazing world since I can remember. Reading books and practicing by drawing from life I thing I have a good artistic level, but I think I can be better and go beyond my current level.

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Dios Gracias

Story from Oluwaseun

My name is Oluwaseun aka Dios Gracias, I’m from Nigeria.

I started art at a very young age but wasn’t so into it until I tried working for people and they treated me so badly, then I had to turn to Art.

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Artwork by Atul Verma

Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj – An Indian Ruler

The artwork I had given for the competition that is the portrait of An Indian Ruler- Shivaji Maharaj who gave the thought of Swaraj (independence) from Mughal invasion when all the hopes were died, took me more than 10hrs to draw with all my potential.

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Dora, The Elegance of Motherhood

Story and artwork from Patrick Chijioke Ngoka

I think the Drawing Academy is an outstanding place to learn not just fundamentals but techniques that professionals and even artists of old know but as shared scarcely. It is a place where both beginners and advanced artists can push themselves further to meet greater heights while in the convince of their homes or studio instead of having to travel to the other side of the world to attend a grossly expensive art school.

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