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Art Competition


Story and artwork from Alexander Williams

I was at my son’s mom’s house visiting him.

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Son Pencils

Story and artwork from Esero Nalyong

My name is Esero Nalyong AKA Son Pencils, a self taught male artist based in Uganda (East Africa), mostly majoring in portraits using charcoal and graphites on paper. I also do wall murals using mostly aerosol and emulsion.
I started art in 2019 after getting so inspired by you tube art tutorials, however I have never attended any art school.

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I love to draw!

Story and artwork from Saghi Komaie

From every moment of university I’ve been looking for a scene to take a sit and start drawing!

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Portrait of My Student

Story and artwork from Rajakumar M

I am Rajakumar, born and brought up from one of the slums of north Chennai located in the southern region of India and learned sculpture at the GCFA Chennai. I always love to teach drawing to my neighbourhood kids (almost 50kids) for free in my free time.

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What it takes

Story and artwork from Mark Boone

I live in a small town in North Carolina that not much comes out of. Art has always been a passion of mine but finding educational resources to pursue it is harder than it sounds when you’re young and surrounded by seemingly endless farms and dead end jobs

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Dahlia’s art

Story and artwork from Dahlia Osama

My name is Dahlia. I live in Egypt. Art is very important in my life. Art is something that gives me a purpose in my life, I dreamt of becoming a professional artist And I want to learn more traditional techniques.

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Story and artwork from Senfuka David Joshua

I am a Ugandan based young artist looking forward to developing my talent and gaining from it.

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Night at the bar

Artwork and story by Lenin Enmanuel Terrones Señas

My name is Lenin Enmanuel Terrones Señas, I am from Peru and I have been drawing since I was eight years old. Art has a place in me on a personal level, with art you can transmit not only emotions, but also messages, and it makes us reflect on our existence, social problems or life in general, so art is not only personal, but also collective because it connects with other people.

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Bhavani’s artwork

Story and artwork from Bhavani Chamarti

I’m Bhavani, I live in INDIA in a state Chhattisgarh. I love art from my childhood and soon it became my passion and I want to do it professionally as a career.

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