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Art Competition

I Never Knew

Story and artwork from Wan Adam

Hi there, welcome to my humble abode, where passion is found in heaps but experience is scarce. My hobbies include farming and running. I started drawing 3 months ago and have fallen in love with it ever since.

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Africa is my heart

I am called Kimathi Kimzy from Kenya and I am a passionate portrait artist. I view art as a platform for expressing the human nature.

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Story and artwork from Prabhat singh adhikari

I am a aspiring artist, Fascinated by fine arts and love the gorgeous nature.

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My joy comes from giving

Story and artwork from John

Back in 2012 I’d found out I could not do the job that I loved to do anymore, in fact I can’t do any work anymore. It was very depressing, but I found out that I could communicate my emotions in my drawing better than my words. I’m learning the drawing I’ve done has given other people joy.

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The little frog

Story and artwork from Taha Ragheed

I am a medical student who spent most of his life living from struggle to another. My childhood was raised in the boundaries of war and uncertainty, which lead me to travel the world and experience living in many different ways. And throughout my journey in this life, art and music has always created a place of calm and awe. The craftmanship and discipline of an artist is nothing but breathtaking, the methods they used, the patience they had and the vision they have captured within the frame of realty is a blessing to humankind.

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Art from Gondar

My name is Abenezer Mengistu. I am from Gondar Ethiopia. I studied art at Abissinia fine art and vocational training institute In Addis Ababa.

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Art Therapy

Story and artwork from Jaxson Phoenix

I am a self-taught artist and always searching for ways to improve my abilities. I have been drawing and painting on and off for the past thirty years, but have only recently become serious about it.

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