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Art Competition


Artwork by Seerat Mand

Hello, My name is Seerat Mand. I am a bachelors student of first year and pursuing my humanities. I won’t say that I had always been fascinated towards arts or it was my hobby because that’s not true. Actually, I evinced interest in art when I was in ninth grade and at that time I came to know from the internet, which was newly installed in our house that people out there are so talented and are making unbelievable realistic artworks, at that time I decided to start learning art with all my sources and sincere efforts. As Che Guevera said that if you wont get something until you are ready to die for it, in the same way I am ready to stake my life to achieve my goal in art.

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The beauty of life

Artwork by Ftoon

My name is Ftoon. Drawing for me is the window to my soul. It is my way of expressing myself.

My challenge with drawing is that I’m not very good at drawing faces and realistic things.

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Artwork by Rebecca Hartman

Sea Oats

I have drawn and painted all my life, but I spent ten years working in a furniture factory, twenty years as a mechanical engineer, and ten years as owner of a stained glass shop.

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Florence in love

Lorraine Allen

I always drew when I was younger but stopped when I married. I had a senior post in a responsible job, was confident and independent but gave this up when I remarried to become a full time carer for my youngest son born with disabilities. Over time I felt myself eroding like a ghost. 30 years later needing to do something for myself I tried drawing again and found I couldn’t. The fact that my attempts were ridiculed spurred me on to persist and I realised there’s so much to learn.

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Artwork by Izumi Hope

A powerful, infinite, universal language of beauty

I am commencing university this year and disappointed that I have been advised by artists and art teachers to steer clear of university fine art degrees if I want a classical art education.

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Artwork by Kasey Tran

I am twenty years old and like to read, draw, and watch anime in my free time. I like any kind of art whether it’s realistic, still life, or digital and it wasn’t a big part of my life until a few years ago when I decided that it was what I wanted to do when I “grew up”.

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The Yak tailgating

I’m 68 years young and trying to improve drawing skills that seemed to faded over the years. Would love to be able to improve to draw my grand kids, two adorable little girls!

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