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Art Competition

Mending His Tack

Story and artwork from Charles Gilliam

I have been drawing/painting for over 60 years. The one thing that has always driven me is the idea that there is something else to learn about art.

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Soulful portraiture

Story and artwork from Archanaa Panda

An erstwhile software professional, I, Archanaa Panda (from India), left my high-income job to pursue fine arts, after the death of my beloved father. I now live a much more stress-free and healthy life dedicated to improving my knowledge concentrating on portraiture and figure drawing / painting.

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The Hopeful Artist

Story and artwork from Ann

Imagine if you could be tutored by the old masters, (here I may list a few) for example: Leonardo Da Vinci, Archibald Motley, Michelangelo, Augusta Savage, Rembrandt, Orsola Maddalena Caccia, Oscar-Claude Monet, Mary Cassatt, and Vincent Willem van Gogh.

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Translating Imagination

Story and artwork from Tanisha

Hi! Like many other contestants here, I am a self-taught artist, who’s been dabbling in arts and crafts ever since I can remember. It’s always been a hobby and a passion of mine, but since I never learned the basics, I lack the fundamentals of creating a good piece.

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SK’s Art

Story and artwork from Shelina Khimji

A self taught, award winning Tanzanian born artist and a qualified accountant, drawn to art since her childhood.

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Colores Enamorados

Story and artwork from Fabrizio Alejo

I am currently a University student who works on art on the side. Art has helped me find peace every second I work on my drawings or paintings. When it comes to art, the biggest challenge has to be committing to finishing a piece. Finishing is tough for me, whether that is finding perfection or finding the drive to move away from procrastination, but I am learning.

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Titanic Town survivor!

Story and artwork from Noel Porter

Graduate of the Ulster University, Belfast (otherwise known as ‘The Art College’)

Completed my Foundation Certificate in Art and Design at Ulster University. I then Studied Graphic Communication, which was a Photographic based course, but included Graphics, Drawing, painting, Illustration and also Printmaking. I have worked as a Graphic Designer for many, many years – two Newspapers, two magazines, two Advertising Agencies, and two Graphic Design and Print companies.

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Alex, when i last saw you

Story and artwork from Wayne Sjolin

At 66 years of age, I am recently retired from a career as an airline pilot. I have always wanted to be an artist i created a comic strip at age 11, syndicated at 21. Im not a writer. Strip ended.

While travelling the world I have seen museums with works that left me in awe, I enjoy and want to pursue a classical art experience. My goal was to explore and expand on any skills I may have. I have never been formally trained.

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