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Art Competition

The little dancer – la petite danseuse

Painting and stiry from ERIC BLANCHARD

Hello I am a 51 year old man my name and Blanchard Éric I am handicapped so art takes 85 percent of my life yes you have to eat well and wash I always wish to progress in my art which is painting with oil I have always been interested in Drawing Academy for the quality of its teachings I would like to win a competition to benefit from its courses so important for my artistic progress that I can of course not afford to pay (too small handicapped pension) I would like people to vote for me to give me the courage to continue and improve and see if my work affects people thank you all

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Creek walk

Artwork and story from Edward McFall

I’m retired and want to take my painting and drawing to a new level. Have given most of my paintings away to friends, I am learning to loosen up and try new things in my painting.

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Artwork by Wendy Johnston

Sometimes Life Throws the Best Curveballs

My name is Wendy Johnston. I am a 52-year-old mother of 4 from Canada. My children are all grown and a number of years ago I suffered from medical issues that prevented me from continuing in the workforce. This came at such a time in my life that I felt I had lost purpose and direction and struggled daily with feelings of continued worth in a society that values such things.

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Drawing by Izzy Park

I have been drawing my whole life. I have been drawing before I could even walk. Art is something really special to me and one thing that I really love about it is that your drawing choices are limitless. I do have a few struggles in my artwork. I do struggle with drawing two eyes on my portraits, but other than that most of my artwork is good. I don’t really have a style in art, but I do use realism a lot, and that’s why I joined Drawing Academy, so that I could get better at realism. I think that Drawing Academy is a great way to get better at art and it will improve your artwork. I would also love to win the Drawing Academy course because I want to inspire people to draw. Also, you should vote…

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Something to live for

Story and drawing from H Reed

It may not be unique, but I am one of the many people wanting to make a lifetime hobby in art. I have been practicing art as long as I can remember, and it has been one of the few things I can take pride in. Art has been an escape from the outside world, and a way to express what I can not in words.

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Australian Drought

Story and artwork from Corrine G Arekion

My name is Corrine Arekion and I live in Brisbane- Australia. Everyday this year when I come back home from work, I started painting while preparing dinner. I really love painting.

My biggest challenge in Art is painting light and shadows for an emotional uplift.

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Pretty Peony

Story and artwork from Sheri Lacina Lacina

Just a senior grandma trying to capture beauty and energy and life on canvas. I know that my canvas is primitive. I wish to capture the depth and discipline in any form that is so richly conveyed by the masters.

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Autumn landscape

Artwork and story from Somlyai Péter

I am from Nagykőrös. I studied carpentry, while József Rácz was a painter in the fine arts circle 6 b. pencil charcoal to improve my drawing skills watercolor and pastel chalk. I worked as a decorator at the canning factory in Nagykőrös.

Over the last 10 years, I completed several high school graduation examinations at Piarista Grammar School in Kecskemét, self-taught, then attended an online academy and evening school for a painter’s school, Szalk. Apart from János Zoltán Kovács and many outstanding artists, I can acquire the secrets of painting from Contemporary Artists, namely.

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Story and artwork from Edoardo


Hi everyone, my name is Edward, I live in Switzerland but I’m Italian, from Recanati. I grew up in a family of painters, restorers, musicians, directors and photographers, in short, I have breathed and tasted art everywhere! For me art is, and should always be, a motivation without which a person cannot consider himself an artist. I want to grow up with it and I want it to take me far away, to places where even if for a short time ” Il cor non si spaura…”(the heart is not afraid).

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