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Art Competition

Rons Art

Story and painting from Reynold R. Rossi

Art has always been important in my life since an early age. Always drawing, and admiring art works by other artists. Now that I’m much older It gives me great pleasure to draw, and paint. One of my challenges is dry spells when you lose your mojo? I would like to learn how to command a technique in using oil paints, and also pastels.

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Artwork by Mark Pol

Artistique Life of Mark Pol

I was born in The Hague. Now I live in Amsterdam.

I had no artistic influence. My parents were poor and could not pay a formal academic study in the Arts. At that time I knew nothing about art. I have just my own fantasy. I am a dreamer who never wants to wake up, but I did when I grew up.

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Orlando city beautiful

Story and artwork from Raphael Grullon

I am a fine artist painting in oils and watercolors. This mediums fascinate me because the easy consistency of the colors. I love to paint landscapes which is a very powerful inspiration to see and feel the beauty of god and nature specially the trees, leaves and water on a lake or river.

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Unconditional Love

Artwork by Ashley Daniels

My name is Ashley Daniels and live in Winnipeg Manitoba, Canada.

When I was a child I got bit by the art bug after feeling the joy my drawings brought me.

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Drawing by Aileen Durkan

What’s the difference between learning drawing skills in a class setting compared to learning them online?

I have been creating art since I was knee high to a leprechaun! And as my path through life has changed over the years my interest in making art has always been a constant.

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“Alone boat” by Irina Udris

Artwork and story by Irina Udris

Hello, I live in Russia.

I was always fond of drawing, but I didn’t have the opportunity to get a professional education. I studied at the university and painted at night.

Drawing is the basis of all areas of fine art.

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Artwork from Carlos Plazaa

Old guys still rock!

I’m a 65 year old artist, self taught, and I decided to let my dreams come true by drawing day and night. I worked all my life, never had time to paint or draw till 3 years ago.

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Distorting the figure

Artwork by Eliam Puente

I got back into art at an older age (33) and have a lot of catching up to do. I’m ambition with what I want to accomplish and push myself harder and harder ever day.

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Portrait drawing by Gerhard Prinsloo

Pencil Portrait of Phibi

At school I loved to draw, so much so that my grades suffered. My reference and inspiration were mainly from picture library comics. After school I studied commercial art, and after graduating I worked as a display artist at a museum for two years. But then my career path changed and I ended up doing a job that had nothing to do with art.

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