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Art Competition


Story and artwork from Lavender

I’m an Art Lover. For me, Art is like my dearest friend, with whom I have spent most of the time as a child. I always used to draw and play with colors, people admired my art, but I was not good at drawing. With an accurate drawing, the painting will be more apparent, as drawing is like a foundation.

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Little Mona Lisa

Story and artwork from Beata Drazek

I am a mother and a grandmother living life rich is diverse experiences; a journey of joys and sorrows. Art has always had a place in my life, in its many different forms. As a proclaimed ‘party pooper’, I was much more eager to spend my time in a gallery or a museum than a rowdy group of people.

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Art by Neo Morris Mlangeni

My name is Neo Morris Mlangeni. Ever since I was young, I loved art immensely. From drawing cartoons to cars, I have enjoyed it’s effects in my life. Art has always been the only thing I can do greater than my friends, and when I’m down art is a friend who I am allowed to open up my mind and express myself.

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Dream to become a professional

Story and artwork from Ruben Pardede

Hey there, my name is Ruben. I’m a self taught artist. I think art is meaningful because its the embodiment of style over substance. If it looks good and people like it then it is good. Thats why its important to master the right fundamental.

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Story and artwork from Lidija

Just decide that art will become big part of my life, this time seriously, and the drawing skills are something that I definitely need to improve, big time. But I like the idea to be able to bring the drawing into the abstract works.

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Aidan asleep awake

Artwork and story from Cindy Kelly

I started selling acrylic paintings in high school. These were works I created using photographs; many from National Geographic magazine. At that point, I was mostly self-taught. My father encouraged me to go to college and was excited when I was accepted into the School of Visual Arts in New York. However, he passed away before he would see me off to my first semester there. Unfortunately, I couldn’t afford to continue studying in New York and ended up going to a state school I could afford. This was a big disappointment but I graduated in 1988 with a degree in printmaking from Mason Gross School of Art, Rutgers University. I settled on printmaking because I loved the idea of art being available to more people at an affordable price through limited editions. However, I always lamented that I was never really taught ‘how’ to draw or paint. We were just given assignments to complete and while I didn’t realize it at the time, courses were a mishmash of mediums with no foundation in developing more basic skills.

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Experience Counts

My name is Charles Gilliam

I am the son of an Air Force veteran. We traveled all over during the time my Dad served, visiting much of the country and other countries. During that time I had the opportunity to see much and do much. As a young artist I was able to draw and paint many different subjects.

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