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Art Competition

Painting by Nancy Nieves

Help me be bold!

I began my self taught art journey by drawing the people I admired. I got decent at drawing faces but couldn’t really figure out the shading and contours involved in creating a portrait and don’t even get me started on drawing teeth!. I’ve always loved going to museums and galleries for inspiration and really wanted to try my hand at painting but I cowered from it initially. I’d never imagined that when I picked up a paint brush, I’d instantly feel magic in its bristles. It was fun to discover this colorful path in all its strokes of reds and blues and yellows.  It has become my most fearless form of expression.

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Making me a better artist

Drawing by Andy Ross

I am Andy, a Zimbabwean by birth and now living in the Shetland Isles of the UK. My husband and I both collect art, and I trained as a classical singer in London before moving up to the isles where I teach music and run a weaving studio creating Shetland tweeds.

Art is central to my life. We have an active interest in collecting mid-century art and craft from around the world, including New Zealander, where my husband is from, Zimbabwe and South Africa, and Europe. Our collection includes textiles as well as paintings, drawings, photographs and prints.

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The snow man

Artwork by Anil s Kallimani

Myself Anil from India I’m a mechanical engineering faculty by profession. And I’m interested in fine arts and painting.

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I love to draw

Artwork by Evy Janssens

I love to draw, I did follow an art course at school. I am currently going through a hard time in my life and art is the only thing that makes me feel better.

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Artist Starving For Attention and Recognition

Artwork by Felicia Taylor

I’m a 40+ year old artist who is looking for ways to improve and learn how to promote my work. There have been many instances in my life growing up where I had an opportunity to sell my work with those chances becoming lingering disappointments.

I’m hoping with these courses I can gain valuable knowledge as well as a foothold into the market and finally make my first sale.

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Artwork by Bonita Gillespie

Street Urchins

I started to painted late in life. I never thought I had any artistic ability but after a few classes I was hooked.

Every great painting starts with an idea/concept then pencil or paint to paper.

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