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Art Competition

Miracle Gift

tory and artwork from Happy Yugo Prasetiya

My name Happy Yugo, since childhood I have always liked to draw. During that time, I learned to draw through self-taught.

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Following My Dream

Story and artwork from Lora

As a young person I was always drawing or creating something. Coming from a small community I had no opportunity for formal instruction.

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Tibet Boy

Artwork by Rachel Ou

I love art. I had taken some art class in school and sometime self taught through youtube channel.

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Artwork by Kwesi Junior

I just do art to relieve my self from stress

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Anatomy Magic!

Today I will be talking to Tvisha Bhardwaj about her aspirations in the field of art, as well as her plans for the future.

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Artwork from Emiljano Cela

I am Emiljano Çela from Tirana, Albania.

I studied fine arts for 4 years in high school, and then I was graduated MSC in Architecture and Urban Planning. Visual arts was always part of my life.

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Life goes on

Artwork by Fariba

My name is Fariba Saddadi.

My works are my life. These are keep me safe and upgrade my sprit.

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