Art Competition

Small heart big desires

Story and artwork from Guste

Hello, I’m Guste, a young artist who is trying to achieve something in this art world and is passionate about the beauty of different colors, techniques, styles, and patterns mixing and making a fantastic piece of art that everybody would admire looking.

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Still Life

Story and artwork from Aira

I’m Aira, I’m someone who likes to draw anything that makes me feel like “BEAUTIFUL”. I’m self taught and I always want to draw lots of things (scene, people, objects, animals, birds, all the imagination I ever had). And when I draw for someone else, that feeling of satisfaction and happiness from their positive reactions, I just love it even it’s negative reaction, it helps me improve a lot.

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I love drawing

Story and artwork from John D.

I have always wanted to draw. My first memories are full of graphite pencils, boxes of colored pencils and sketchbooks. When the time came to choose a major, I was set to begin my adult life immersed in fine art instruction. However, that was not to happen. With a family to support and warnings by most that artists always starve and so would my baby, I opted for computer science. That choice has served me well and therefore have always been able to support myself and family but unable to feed my soul with the artful desires of my childhood.

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Youthful Beauty

Story and artwork from Paulette Rozwood

Can an artist succeed without academic training? Yes, I have! I consider myself a successfully self-taught artist. Not many people believe that you can teach yourself to do amazing things. Hello, my name is Paulette, and I didn’t like that name in high school. No one could remember it.

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The learner

Story and artwork from Bhavani Chamarti

I’m drawing from my childhood and it’s one of best things that gives me peace, from a long time I noticed that my art skills are not improving the way I’m practicing and not gave me good results. I was facing a lot difficulty in drawing figures and portraits accurately.

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I take inspiration in the traditions of old masters

Story and artwork from Alexander Hopson

I like art; semi self taught, but mostly gifted into this place of creativity. I continue to evolve my art, now studying constructive drawing on my own. I want to become a self-sufficient fine artist who could sell art for living. Despite I spent a lot of time working on drawing, taking some drawing classes in high school, I feel that my art skills are poor. My teachers helped me to build a portfolio to get into university but I was going through a lot of issues and didn’t want to waste time by going off to college.

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Story and artwork from Halley Jordan Armstrong

To start off I would love to say how art has shown me romance, love and patients. Not only did I find my best friend and fiancé through creating and selling art, I also learned how to dive deep within different techniques of painting on wood or canvas to create something beautiful for people to love.

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