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Jones Art

Story from James Walker

I am Jones Mwansa C.,

Art is my talent and I do it out of passion.

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My first self-portrait

Story from Per Rasmussen

I have a growing passion for drawing and painting and during the last couple of years I have got the option to use much more time on it than previously.

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Artwork by Sameeha Khaliq

Sameeha Khaliq

I’m a born artist, graduated in Media and communication sciences. . As a bilingual writer I write blogs, articles, short stories and travelogues and also worked in media houses.

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Soul’s Theatre

Story from Nicoletta Dominelli

My story can seem weird or common, “as you like it. It begins with a passion that I could have followed; I liked drawing so much since I was a little shy girl, but as it happens many times, you chose to follow other’s expectations. until one day when I choose to rewrite my path, after a surgery, I decided to recall my passion and give it new form and life. After a secondary an university degrees, after many Masters, I thought that I could restart all again. I took a new degree in art school and began new courses and university for deepening my knowledge and my skills. I can admit so many defects in myself but I can describe myself as headstrong, dreamer and hangry. I’m hungry for knowledge and learning. That’s why I’m trying to do this here.

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Unknown colours

Story from Catherin

My name is Catherin, and I attend high school. When I’m stressed, art helps me relax. Making art helps me to unwind. Values and colour theory are difficult for me. And I’m not really sure where to begin with an oil painting. These are among the things I want to learn. In order to create better portraits in my drawings and paintings, I wish to study more about human anatomy. I believe Drawing Academy will aid me in achieving these objectives.

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I want to draw portraits

Story from James Walker

I have worked in the computer field, creating and testing systems. Now I have the time to do the things I was too busy in my working life to really pursue. I’ve been taking drawing lessons from books and the internet to improve my painting. I have traveled extensively to visit all the historical places that I read about.

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Drawing to Help Others!

Story and artwork from Al Laparra

I am a military veteran father of three who enjoys drawing very much as well as looking at art. One of my biggest struggles is getting the right values to get portraits too look 3 dimensional and achieving likeness during the lay in process.

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Old boy

Story and artwork from Padurariu Alexandra

I am a student in the last year of high school, I have been drawing for 4 years. Art is my life, I want to build it on the basis of art.

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Story and artwork from Tejaswi

Hey guys!!
I am Tejaswi from India. I am currently doing my bachelor’s in mechanical engineering

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