Art Competition Archive

I am waiting for you

Story and artwork from Paulette Rozwood

I am also waiting, waiting for your answer to the question of what does this drawing mean to you? Does it mean that you would like to share your opinion about the skill of the artist or does it mean that you like the subject matter.

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Story and artwork from Beyza K.

Hi, I am Beyza. I play cello and I am interested in literature. I love using my creativity. I am into drawing portraits and reading about art history. I better understand how unique and meaningful art is by learning art history. In my opinion, art history makes art more valuable and appreciable.

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I still consider myself a beginner

Story and drawing from Carl Henken

I am an amateur artist recently retired. I have been painting on and off over the past several years. I really would like to improve my drawing skills thus far I usually use a grid to get my drawing on paper. I would love to be able to draw freehand without the grid.

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The Lady Unknown

Story and artwork from Onur Fidan

Hello. I’m Onur Fidan from Turkey. I’ve always had desire for art since I was a child. Art is like a gate of another world for me.

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The Untrained Artist

Story and artwork from Damon Daulerio

I’ve been drawing since I was 6 years old. I have never received any formal training. I have a full time job and drawing is now a hobby for me. I do it at night time and on the weekends when I have time.

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Hello I am Sahar, I always dreamed about studying art and learning drawing, but instead I had to choose graphic design as a major to be able to find a job and be financially secure. Now after graduating and finding a job I don’t feel the fulfillment and the joy and my soul is starving for art.

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Story and artwork from Mahathi

Hello everyone,

I am Mahathi. I am learning art through YouTube videos. Recently I got a little bit hang on portrait drawing, of course, after a lot of practice. I want to be an illustrator and concept artist. I set myself a goal that I should be able to get the hang of human body within a span of 2 years.

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I want to be a better artist

Story and artwork from Andrew Barton

I live in London and at an early age I was drawn to the arts in particular crafts and performance. I loved the feeling of creating something whether it was music, stories or art and I spent lots of my time practicing these disciplines. Since it was craft including sculpture, sewing which I enjoyed the most, my drawing skills got severely left behind and I would rarely practice it.

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