Art Competition Archive

The World of My Imagination

Story and artwork from Maya Aurel

Hello, I’m Maya. A plain regular person who fell in love with fine arts. I started drawing at a young age of 5. Back then i loved cartoon and anime thus i always draw them. Up until last year, I’ve only drawn with something like anime style. In fact, i discover the world of fine arts through a manga called Blue Period.

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Story and artwork from Zvezdana Stankovic

ARE YOU KIDDING ME Story and artwork from Zvezdana Stankovic I am a journalist by profession, but I have published several books and I have mostly lived art for 33 years, as a collaborator and best friend of one of the greatest Serbian actors and writers, Zoran Rankić, from whose play “Kalemegdan people” (1994) is this drawing, portrait of the…

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Art is the meaning of life

Story and artwork from Filipe Wanderson

Hello, all in peace? I’m Filipe Wanderson, an unknown Brazilian artist. I found this drawing course videos through a YouTube and right away I said “this is what I want to work!”.

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Practice makes progress

Story and artwork from Derek M. Adams

If you don’t have a solid foundation to build upon, your ideals will fall
Fundamentals of the game TETRIS

I started my interest in drawing in the fourth grade. I loved the process, and the freedom to create. As I got older, I didn’t see much progress or direction in my ability, which frustrated me and I would go for long periods without drawing, not knowing why. As years past when I was bored I would gravitate towards drawing, which I found comforting. Occasionally I would produce a good picture or 2, which would encourage me. I always stumbled on the basic’s though, lacking the skill or knowledge to make objects look three dimensional. These skills for some reason were not taught in elementary, Jr. High or High School. The basic elements of line and form, to space and value. I could copy well enough, usually the outline of an individual or object which would look reasonably alike, but always struggled in depth.

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Young Malevola

Story and artwork from Thauan Silva

Currently I study alone and wanting to learn to draw was a snowball. I didn’t want to take the learning to high levels, but every day I want to know a little more and consequently I changed my mind, out of passion for art.

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The Thinker

Story and artwork from Aadarsh Singh

I am Aadarsh and I fell in love with art because I have always wanted to express myself with a language with no rules but just emotions, to be honest I am just learning but I definitely have a come a long way from when I started. I have benefited from Drawing Academy’s free courses but I guess now is time for the official courses but again I can not even imagine to afford it. I have creativity but I want to officially learn the conventional techniques so, I can fulfil the lacks in my art.

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Let’s start drawing

Story and artwork from Amina Waheedeldin

Hello, I am Amina. Graduated from faculty of commerce bachelor degree, but after graduation I didn’t find myself in this field like many graduated student in my country, so decided to stop wasting my time and try to do what I love.

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The Beauty, Importance and Value of the Nature

Story and artwork from Petra Andersson

I’m from Germany and I have been drawing since childhood. But always only intuitive and always with big breaks because it is difficult for me to stabilize and keep my motivation all by myself and my own.

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