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Art Competition Archive

Charcoal Painting

Story and artwork from Francis Ian Anino

Francis Ian Anino is a true-blooded Filipino immigrated to Alaska and found his true love – ART! His Filipino heritage brings out a different taste of art – soulful and value-driven! His arts reflect different values such as honesty, peace, calmness, and gratitude which make his arts more soul gratifying. Each stroke depicts the message/story behind the artpiece as vividly displayed in the eyes and in the facial expressions exuding emotions and attitudes. The different values of the shades just perfectly blend which is a manifestation of the inner personality of Ian who, despite the difficult transition from his culture way different than here, also blends nicely and beautifully in his new environment gracefully embracing changes and difficulties.

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Tree drawing

Story and drawing from Leif Sohlman

I am an retired electro engineer and after retirement stared to photograph. As years has gone I begun ton develop some of my photos digitally and also to create some digital paintings. However, I has always seen my ability to paint and draw as very simple. When finding Drawing Academy I tested to do some drawing and it was better than I supposed, however, there is lots to learn an I wish to be able to draw and paint animals and other things out of my mind.

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Artist mama

Story and artworks from Hawra

Since I was a child whenever I had a pencil in my had I always had to draw something!

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The Art Side of My Life

Story and artwork from César Aarón

Hi there!!! I’m a Spanish speaker that’s been learning english, programming, and, of course, drawing for myself.

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Artwork by Peter

Story and artwork from Somlyai Péter

My name is Péter Somlyai.

I learned the profession of a carpenter. In the last 10 years, among other things, I graduated and developed myself in a self-taught way, then I went to an online academy and an evening school of painting at the Számalk Szalézi Szki. I can master the mysteries of painting.

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