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Art Competition Archive

Drawing by Christina Clark

Beautiful eyes

I am retired and started sketching in Oct 2016. I always thought about drawing and thought I would give it a go. My only resource of information has been YOUTUBE, ,I have not had any lessons by doing any courses or lessons by art teachers.

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Poodle on Pen!

Delight Asuncion

I am a self-taught artist.

I haven’t had the opportunity of having a proper art lesson but with a few papers, pens or pencils, experimenting, and tutorials, I am where I am right now.

I loved art as a little girl and I still do now. Art is relaxing to me and it became a part of me.

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Sketch by Sara (Doggie)

Da Vinci lady

I am a Michigander who has been drawing since I was a child. I liked video games and dinosaurs so I would draw characters and animals. I still do. But, it was only recently since I’ve took the matter of drawing very seriously. I figured, “I appreciate drawing and animation too much. There must be something behind this appreciation. Should I follow it somehow?” I’m what people call a “late-bloomer”; I’m often lost and wasn’t sure on what to do with myself.

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Drawing by Carolina

Rooted and Free

I started drawing three months ago and until now I had never discovered this passion. Art has always been a major component in my life and I can go as far as to say that it was art (in the form of music, dancing, painting, sculpting…) that saved me. It gave my life new meaning, it made me hope for better and brighter days, it made me want to try. Always. No matter how tough it got.

For this reason, now I no longer say art is an important part of my life but rather my life in itself.

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Drawing by Bill Hengen

I always thought I had a basic understanding of the fundamentals, though I did struggle a bit to produce the finale result.

It wasn’t until I purchased the Anatomy Master class when I really, really realized how much of the fundamentals of drawing I lacked.

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Portrait drawing by Larisa

Mirror of the soul

My name is Larisa and I’m from a small town in Romania. I’ve always loved to draw and paint but I’ve only start doing it seriously in February this years when I’ve decided I want to go to Art University in my country. It’s a big and difficult journey and I have to recover years of studying in only one year.

I’m grateful I’ve found Drawing Academy some time ago, and the demo was extremely helpful but I just could’t afford it. So here I am, trying to prove that you can do anything you desire, everything you think it can makes you happy. And I do believe that winning this it would help me to get rid of half of my problems and stress about university if no all problems.

I want (the most) to learn to draw like old masters, to learn proportions and figure body.

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Artwork by Tobias Höglund

Childhood passion found again


When I was a kid I was into super hero comic books and like most kids in that age I attempted to draw some super heroes of my own. Later I got more into fantasy art and as a grown up my focus shifted towards the academic art. Drawing and painting is just a hobby but in the most recent years I have made an effort learning the foundations through various courses and online tutorials.

I really appreciate the process of learning and when I am not working or spending time with my family I try to get as much drawing time in as possible.

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Painting by Jessica Dowling

Goghing Places

I am a anthropologist and an artist. My fascination with art, culture and history has shaped my work as an artist.

Art has been a big part of my life. Ever since I was little I have kept a sketch book with me to record everything and everyone I see. I have always wanted to be an art teacher and have been accepted into a Masters in Art Education Program.

The greatest challenge I face when it comes to art is accurately drawing people. I love people and I want to capture their dignity and beauty so much. I have spent many hours studying human anatomy and drawing models. This is the area that I struggle with most.

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Artwork by Deborah Lloyd

Sacred Spoonbill preening

I am an amateur artist living in the Tropical North Queensland, Australia. Art allows me to understand and depict the wildlife that I love because it forces to study my subject. This is a sacred spoonbill found in the wetlands close to where I live.

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