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Art Competition Archive

I want to become a professional artist


My name is Amber. I started to learn how to draw recently. I did not learn art since childhood nor did I draw for very long. My degree and my work are unrelated to art but I enjoyed drawing and I want to become a professional artist.

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Graphite Dancer

Story and artwork from Paulina Cancio

I have been drawing since I was little and I’ve always had a passion for it. Art is something I want to pursue as a career but it’s hard for me to seek out how to advance in my art by myself. I want to learn how to draw from my mind and create characters that are proportional so that I can one day create a comic and perhaps start animating.

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Art is my life

Story and artwork from Magno Massolino

My name is Magno, I am Brazilian and I am 48 years old. I am applying for a scholarship at Drawing Academy to improve my technique and finally carry out my life mission which is to express myself and live through my art. The following drawing is a study made using graphite of a work by the artist John Lawn.

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Mending His Tack

Story and artwork from Charles Gilliam

I have been drawing/painting for over 60 years. The one thing that has always driven me is the idea that there is something else to learn about art.

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Soulful portraiture

Story and artwork from Archanaa Panda

An erstwhile software professional, I, Archanaa Panda (from India), left my high-income job to pursue fine arts, after the death of my beloved father. I now live a much more stress-free and healthy life dedicated to improving my knowledge concentrating on portraiture and figure drawing / painting.

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The Hopeful Artist

Story and artwork from Ann

Imagine if you could be tutored by the old masters, (here I may list a few) for example: Leonardo Da Vinci, Archibald Motley, Michelangelo, Augusta Savage, Rembrandt, Orsola Maddalena Caccia, Oscar-Claude Monet, Mary Cassatt, and Vincent Willem van Gogh.

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Translating Imagination

Story and artwork from Tanisha

Hi! Like many other contestants here, I am a self-taught artist, who’s been dabbling in arts and crafts ever since I can remember. It’s always been a hobby and a passion of mine, but since I never learned the basics, I lack the fundamentals of creating a good piece.

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SK’s Art

Story and artwork from Shelina Khimji

A self taught, award winning Tanzanian born artist and a qualified accountant, drawn to art since her childhood.

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