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Art Competition Archive

Positively Blooming

Story and painting from Michelle Peters

I am a self-motivated and self-taught artist from South Africa. Art in its many forms has always had the ability to captivate me and transport me to a place where time stands still. Since I can remember, I have always felt an intrinsic need to create and share beautiful works of art, which is apparent in the many pieces of my artwork shared as gifts for my family and friends.

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Seham EL-wazery

From Seham Elwazery

Egyptian plastic artist

I love art, especially sculpture. I took training courses and developed myself.

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The Love of Art!

Story and artwork from Nicole Desormeaux

I am Nicole Desormeaux, from Quebec Canada. Art is my passion, I am a senior, it take a big place in in my life.

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Astonishment inc

Artwork by Paul Landgraf

Art is the last vice I own. The one constant I possess that is clear, unaffected, and real. I don’t Harbor challenges in any art I create.

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Moon Boi’s Break

Story and artwork from LUNE

A man born on mars, whom migrated to earth to exploit the many talents he harnesses within him. A jack of all trades.

The feeling of a pencil scratching against the paper and the frustration of having to erase it all and start again, various moves being put together to flow to every beat you hear and even missing one. Wether it’s playing the keys or hitting them vocally, all my talents remind me I am nothing ordinary.

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When Words Fail, Drawing Prevails

Story and artwork from Julie Barnhill

For just over twenty-one years of my fifty-four years of life, I earned a professional living with the art of words: public speaking, one-on-one mentoring, retreat hosting, and writing for publication. Words served me well: eleven book titles opening avenues as a keynote speaker (e.g. China, Europe, South Africa) and a media guest on the likes of “Oprah” “CNN” and radio broadcasts.

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I’m Angela, unfortunately I don’t have any artistic school preparation, I’m a self-taught. Art is in the first place in my life, I need it.

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Art from Amani’s perspective

Story and artwork from Amani

I am Amani, I draw from a long time.also I am the only member who draw in my family, I am 18 years old. And my dream is to be a famous artist and I have a big challenging plan to achieve my dream, whatever the difficulties, I will overcome it and fulfill my dream.

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