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Art Competition Archive

Jack Edson Adams Master Artist

Jack Edson Adams Master ArtistA brief bio of Jack Adams

The art career of Jack Adams is a testimony to the survival of a right-brained person in our left-brained word! Jack inherited the gift of drawing from his Grandfather. And his parents supported the talent as a hobby, not a career. His father was in the Army and hoped for Jack to graduate from West Point. But in his senior year in High School , Jack discovered the annual competition held by Fisher Body for aspiring young car designers. He submitted a sleek, black , high-finned model… and won! General Motors advised Jack to study at the Art Center College of Design in LA. He applied there, and dutifully , he also applied to West Point…the United States Military Academy. He was accepted to both. He went to West Point. Upon graduation however, he asked for an assignment in Air Defense Artillery (the sole purpose of which was to be assigned to a Nike Missile base in Los Angeles, in order to attend Art Center at night-school). And he found his purpose in the “Grand Scheme” of things…. Design.

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Artwork by Linda Davis

Where is the Little Boy?

I am an older woman who wants to get back to painting! I am retired, have three grown children, no grandchildren. I’ve always loved to draw and paint, and prefer watercolors. Not painting for a long time has left a big hole in my life, and I am eager to get back to it. I know I am very rusty and need instruction. Isn’t there always something new to learn about art? Drawing Academy looks like an excellent organization. Years back, I received art instruction and critiquing by mail, and it was great! I learned so much, and enjoyed receiving the instructor’s comments on my work. Today I was searching online for something similar, and came across Drawing Academy.

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Drawing by Ian Montgomery

Young Stephen Hawking Portrait

My name is Ian, and I am an artist. I have been drawing for 11 years now and my goal is to become a skilled and well-known artist.

I enjoy making art for people and for my school and community. I like art for fun and hope it will be better than it is now, so I can make it into a career.

I have some challenges in art with hands, some body shapes, styled emotions, and eye expressions. I want to learn how to draw hands, as well as feet, and facial expressions more easily than I do now from memory.

Learning from courses at Drawing Academy will help me learn how to overcome my challenges, build my skill level, and increase my potential for making art a career in my future.

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Artwork by Nilesh Nikalje

Classical Realism

Hello, my name is Nilesh. I’m a self taught artist who sometimes learn from internet. I am always interested in academic art.

Art is the only thing that I can do right now. People often daydream about other things, I daydream about art. It’s one of the highest placed stuff in my life.

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Could it be a start after all past years!

I am 43 years old from Doha Qatar i work in promotion and camera shooting in Aljazeera media network, a husband and a father for 5 kids.

I learn sketching less than a year go form artiest friend who was pushing me to practices after seeing my early sketches while taking my break time in my office.

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Artwork by Danielle Potvin-Charette

Fine Art Danielle

Hi my name is Danielle Potvin Charette, I am a French Canadian from Quebec, married with 2 children and a granddaughter.

I have been drawing since a young age but had to put it aside to take care of my kids. I now am retired and have been painting for the last 4 years full time. My challenge in art is wanting to make realistic drawings and to better my knowledge and understanding of the human body and proportions.

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Drawing by Jin Wang

Art mission

I am a single mother raised daughters. While watching them being attracted to inferior art forms, I have no choice but study art myself. It puzzles me why my children after being educated in school made their preference. Chinese parents normally put all the hopes and wishes to their decedent, wish them achieve what they themselves can not achieve during their life time and carry on humanity. I want achieve as much as I can to show them the beauty of art. Studying and practicing art make me feel life is meaningful. I am taking classes in local art school and community art center.

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The Bloom of Mona

Artwork by Joanna Maria Morales Miarrostami

I am a very happy person when I’m focused on drawing, painting or learning how to improve my artwork. I receive great satisfaction sharing my work and teaching what knowledge I’ve gained through books, online tutorials and artist friends. I wasn’t fortunate to have formal training so I’m always searching for instructional videos and books that could help me and open my eyes to another way.

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Artwork by Irfan Tabani

Artwork by Irfan Tabani

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A Tale of Two Towers is a journey between Jumma Masjid Tower and Raiyanaka Parabazar Tower at Rajkot my home towm, my place of birth and where my home and office are stationed respectively. It is as well the journey of a common face in the crowd passing in the shadows of the busy market lanes and travelling between these two destinations to etch a place of my own. A fact that mesmerizes me as a seventh generation in the same place is that this same stretch of the road between the two towers has been a witness to my fathers and forefathers settling down here, traversing the same path, dwelling between these two towers, and growing in their occupation and family.

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Drawing by Shaila

Hello Friends,

“The greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short;
but in setting our aim too low, and achieving our mark.”- Michelangelo

I love sketching. But since I had to go find myself a job in order to earn a living I gave up my dream to be an artist. Later I spent my years balancing my job, kid and family.

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