Art Competition Archive

5 Minutes A Day

Artwork and story from Jessica Hamor

Hello, my name is Jessica Hamor. I’m a Washington state resident and have lived in and around the Seattle area my whole life. I work in the heart of downtown at the historic Pike Place Market with a large community of artists and craft makers. I have been married over a decade now and have 2 older cats. One who is content to sleep all day, the other constantly plotting his escape to the great outdoors. Currently, my husband and I are in the process of becoming crafters at Pike Place Market selling leather belts with hand drawn Polynesian tribal designs embossed directly onto the cowhide.

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Breath of Life: form and shading

Artwork and story from Laurel Yatsko

About Me and the Place of Art in my Life: – Art is central to my relationship with the world, all the world. Art is a visual poetry that makes the artist and viewer of the art feel something, perhaps not the same thing. By having feelings you are able to go deeper into the experience of life. Art, creating it or viewing it makes us better at being human.

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Portrait by Entsie Opoku

Artwork and story from Entsie Opoku

When I started working on this piece, I wanted to explore the theme of duality and the coexistence of contrasting emotions.

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Graphite Medium of Expression

Artwork and story from John Andrew

My name is John Andrew, and ever since I was a young boy, I have always admired the old masters for how they drew and painted and how they portrayed the world around them using their red chalk and imagination. I am in awe of their work and how they show their emotions and personalities with each line of the crosshatch they do. I think art is God’s gift to men.

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Expressing My Imagination

Artwork and story from Deepthi Thangaraj

Art has been an integral part of my life, an ever-present companion shaping my identity. From an early age, I found solace in the strokes of a paintbrush and the dance of colors on a canvas. Expressing myself on the canvas of home walls marks the beginning of a lifelong journey with art.

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Artwork and story from Mutabingwa Ronald

Liberty is everyone’s dream, is it? When one is born, something drives them – DREAM. Year after year, the dream unfolds.

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