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Learn How to Draw whatever You See or Imagine

Continuing the Classical Art Tradition

The Drawing Academy is an online Drawing Course and Art Community, where you can learn how to draw in the comfort of your home, and benefit from the support of Academy tutors and fellow students.

It was founded and is lead by professional fine artists and art teachers.

What You will Get

  • 45 ‘How to Draw’ Video Lessons
  • Multiple Bonus Videos, Art Albums and Books
  • Personal Support by Academy Tutors
  • Lifetime Membership
  • Diploma of Excellence in your name
  • Drawing Academy Art Community
  • Questions Answered Directly by your tutors
  • Student Gallery
  • Artwork Critique by the Academy Tutors
  • Art Competitions
  • Article Publishing
  • Art Newsletters

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What makes Drawing Academy unique:

drawing academy academic drawing

There are 7 specific reasons that make the Drawing Academy unique:

1. You’ll learn how to draw using time-proven techniques;
2. You’ll be taught by professional fine artists and teachers;
3. You’ll learn how to draw whatever you see or imagine;
4. You’ll progress from basic to advanced levels;
5. You’ll discover human anatomy;
6. You’ll get a lifetime of unlimited, personal support by tutors;
7. You’ll get great value for your money.

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What you will learn:

drawing academy academic drawing

In the Drawing Academy, you will learn how to draw, progressing from basic to more advanced topics:

  • You’ll start with information on drawing materials and how to use them;
  • How to draw with pencil the correct way;
  • How to render tonal values using various pencil hatching methods;
  • You’ll learn principles of constructive realistic drawing;
  • You’ll discover golden proportions and how to use them in your compositions;
  • You’ll learn how to use perspective in drawing;
  • Classical ways of drawing realistic portraits from life, memory and imagination;
  • Traditional ways of drawing human figures;
  • You’ll learn the human anatomy for artists and its application in figurative drawing;
  • How to draw still-life, animals, botanical objects, etc.;
  • And trade secrets of unique, creative techniques that are not taught anywhere else.

The Drawing Academy Curriculum:

The Course Tutors

The Drawing Academy is founded by professional fine artists and art teachers – Vladimir London and Natalie Richy. Combined, they spent over 20 years studying art and have more than 47 years of professional experience in art. Now you can benefit from their extensive knowledge and creative experience. Vladimir is an internationally published author of many fine art books. Natalie Richy is also the founder of the Web Art Academy – an online course on traditional oil painting techniques.

Our Vision, Purpose and Mission

drawing academy vision purpose and mission

We have the Vision that fine art portrays the beauty and meaning in life. And we created the Drawing Academy with the Purpose to promote realistic fine art and continue the Old Masters’ traditions.

Our Mission is to give you proper and professional art education, teach you traditional art skills and methods, and help you develop your individual art style based on the values and legacy of classical fine art.

Is this Course for You?

Are you a beginner, intermediate or advanced artist? Then yes, this course is for You.

The Drawing Academy is designed in such a way that whatever level you’re at, you will learn something new to improve your drawing skills.

The course is very friendly for beginners, yet sophisticated enough for advanced students in developing their art skills. You will gradually progress from basic topics to comprehensive lessons.

Personal Support by Academy Tutors

As an Academy student, you will have direct access to course tutors.

Whether you have art related questions, need assistance with your creative progress, or just simply want an opinion on an artwork you’ve done, Drawing Academy tutors are ready to help. You can send your questions and drawings for critique at any time.

This personal support is unlimited, going beyond the course duration.

Drawing Academy Course Assignments

In the course you will get 45 video lessons, high-resolution image references, bonus videos and downloadable fine art books.

If you learn best by strictly following coursework, we have assignments for every topic in the course. If you have your own subject matter and themes to draw from, we support you in this as well. The course is totally flexible in this respect. Our mission is to give you necessary knowledge and know-how, so you can use them to improve your drawing skills.

Assignments are there if you need them in addition to unlimited personal support by the Academy tutors.

Drawing Academy Diploma of Excellence

After three months you will receive the Academy Diploma in your name.

This Diploma commemorates your completion of the course. However, it is not a token give-away.

We want to make sure you benefit from the course and want to see your creative progress. We’ll be asking to see examples of your drawings created before and after the course.

What Happens After Three Months?

They say, and our experience can confirm, that every good skill takes 10,000 hours to master. Will you become a great fine artist in three months? Maybe it will take longer. That is why we give you lifetime access to the Drawing Academy Course.

In three months you will learn a great deal about traditional drawing techniques. We will support you all the way. Our personal support is unlimited and will continue beyond the three-month period.

From time to time we add new videos and books to the Drawing Academy course. You will receive all future updates free of charge even after the course completion. Yes, that’s right – at no extra cost for a lifetime.

Drawing Academy Video Lessons are Compatible with all Devices

Drawing Academy course - compatible with all devices

How You Will Benefit From Our Art Community

Drawing Academy Students’ Club

Academy students have exclusive access to additional Art Community benefits

Here’s what Drawing Academy students say:

Great Value for Money

The Drawing Academy will save you time and money.

The value of the course is $4,455 (45 lessons at $99 each). However, you can get it for an incredible low fee of only $257 for the complete course. This is equivalent to the cost of one cup of coffee per day!

Compare this to an average art college tuition, which can be up to $100,000 for 4 years, and comes with no guarantee that you’ll graduate with good drawing skills.

In the Drawing Academy, you will get by far the best value for your money!

How to enroll

You are just one click away from starting your art education.

You can choose:
1. Instant access to all video lessons for a one-time discounted payment of only $257;
2. Or enroll on a monthly basis, making three installments of $97 per month.

You can pay by credit or debit card or via PayPal. After payment, you will automatically be redirected to the account set-up page.

Enroll in the Drawing Academy Course:
Three Monthly Installments
Pay for the course in 3 easy installments
  • Receive 15 new videos monthly (45 in total)
  • Incredible discount – $4,164
  • Bonuses - Fine Art eBooks and Videos
  • Drawing Academy Diploma of Excellence after course completion in 3 months
  • Personal coaching by Drawing Academy Tutors
  • Lifetime membership. Free after the 3rd month
Total cost: $291 USD (3 x $97)

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Complete Course - BEST VALUE
Get all video lessons for a one-time payment
  • Immediate access to all 45 video lessons
  • Incredible discount – $4,198
  • Bonuses - Fine Art eBooks and Videos
  • Drawing Academy Diploma of Excellence after course completion in 3 months
  • Personal coaching by Drawing Academy Tutors
  • Lifetime membership. No more payments
Total cost - Only $257 USD

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To your creative success,

Vladimir London and Natalie Richy
Drawing Academy founders

Is your creative success more valuable than a cup of coffee? If so, act now and secure your lifetime membership in the Drawing Academy Club!

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