Publish Art Articles

Publish Art Articles

Write Articles about Art and get the Drawing Course free!

How it works:

As a guest writer, you can receive a FREE access to the ‘How to Draw’ video course.

Help us spread the word about traditional fine art and we will give you the Drawing Course access as follows:

  • Write 5 articles – receive the 1st month membership ($97 value);
  • Write 10 articles – receive the 1st and 2nd month membership ($194 value);
  • Write 15 articles – receive the Complete Drawing Academy Course! ($291 value)

Your membership will be for a lifetime. It will include the following benefits:
– Unlimited access to all video lessons and bonuses;
– Personal support by the Drawing Academy tutors;
– All future upgrades and updates at no charge;
– Drawing Academy Diploma of Excellence in your name.

How to participate:

1. Submit your illustrated article on a traditional fine art topic. It may be about the art of the Old Masters, reviews on traditional fine art museums, classical painting and drawing techniques, history of art, interesting facts about fine artists, and the like.

2. Your articles will be reviewed by the Drawing Academy Team and may be published online. You will get a notification email when each of your articles goes live.

3. When you collect a necessary number of published articles, we will award you with the relevant access to the Drawing Academy course or upgrade your membership.

Important! Read these Article Submission Rules:

  • You agree to submit a content that is relevant to the Drawing Academy Vision, Purpose and Mission.
  • You can only submit 100% unique articles. Do not infringe upon anyone else’s copyrights.
  • We only accept high quality manually written articles. No spinning!
  • Articles must be written in good English, spell-checked and proofread. If you need an assistance with editing the article, get it from professional editors, for example here:
  • Every article must feature at least three pictures.
  • An article must have more than 500 words.
  • Your article will be moderated by the Drawing Academy Team. Inadequate entries might be discarded without critique or explanation.
  • You will be notified if and when your article goes live.
  • It is your responsibility to advise the Drawing Academy Team when you have published the necessary number of articles to receive or upgrade membership.

Publish Art Articles below:

Please note:
• Image formats accepted - JPG, GIF, PNG;
• Minimum image width - 700 pixels;
• Maximum image height or width - up to 5,000 pixels;
• Maximum file size - up to 5MB;
If your image is bigger than required, you may resize it online:

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