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FAQ List:

What is the Drawing Academy?

The Drawing Academy is the ultimate drawing course presented online by professional fine artists and art teachers. It provides ‘How to Draw’ video lessons and fine art bonuses.

What will I get?

As the Drawing Academy student, you will receive:
– Three month course – improve your drawing skills fast;
– 45 multi-part ‘How To Draw’ video lessons – watch tutorials online;
Fine art bonus books – download onto your computer or read online;
– Personal academic support – direct access to academy tutors via email;
– Lifetime membership – free of charge subscription after the 3rd month;
– Diploma of Excellence in your name – commemorates the course completion.

Is this course for me?

The Drawing Academy course suits both beginning and advanced students.
– If you are a beginner, you will discover all you need to know to get started and develop your drawing skills fast.
– If you already have some drawing skills, this course is ideal for deepening your knowledge of classical drawing techniques and greatly improving your drawing skills.

Who are the course tutors?

All lessons are skilfully prepared and presented by professional fine artists and fine art teachers – Vladimir London and Natalie Richy.

Are course videos available in other languages?

The Drawing Academy course is presented in English. Every video lesson comes with a full voice over text, so you could translate it if required.

How much does the Drawing Academy membership cost?

This drawing course is greatly subsidized for you, so it costs as little as one cup of coffee per day.

You can enrol on a monthly basis, making three easy instalments of $97 per month. This gives you a total discount of $4,164.

Alternatively, you can get all the video lessons and bonus books for a one-time payment of only $257. This gives you additional discount of $34.

Can I purchase a Drawing Academy Club membership as a gift for my kids, spouse or friends?

Absolutely! The high-quality educational video lessons and bonuses are a great gift for the ones you love. When you purchase the membership for a relative or friend, please make sure to register an account in their name and let them know about it. You will be charged a membership fee for the duration of the course and your loved ones will be grateful to you for such a wonderful gift.

Can I take the Drawing Academy course for free?

Yes, you can! There are two ways to receive a full Drawing Academy membership free of charge:

1. Win the Drawing Academy Art Competition. We nominate a winner every three months. The competition rules are simple – publish your artwork and invite your friends to vote for you. A participant with the most social media engagement wins a Drawing Academy complete course. You can enter the Art Competition here »

2. Publish articles as a guest writer. This is a guaranteed way to get the Drawing Academy course for free! You can publish unique, relevant articles about fine art on our website and be rewarded with “How to Draw” video lessons. Every 5 articles you write will bring you 15 drawing video lessons. Publish your articles here »

I’m not a member of the Drawing Academy. Can I still ask tutors art-related questions?

You are welcome to ask the tutors questions about art and drawing! Academy tutors are ready to help. The “Ask Tutors Questions” service is available to everyone. Ask tutors questions here »

Where can I see artwork from Drawing Academy students?

The Drawing Academy art community has the Student Gallery, where Academy members can exhibit their works of art, share their creative progress, and exchange opinions by commenting on each other’s artwork.

Can I receive a professional opinion and critique of my artwork?

You can submit your artwork for critique here. This service is unlimited, but only available to Drawing Academy students. In addition to professional feedback from tutors, you will also receive comments from our Art Community and visitors.

Does the Drawing Academy course provide assignments for its students?

If you learn better by doing homework, you can follow the assignments provided in the course. You will then receive personal comment on your drawings from Drawing Academy tutors when you submit your drawings for critique. Alternatively, you are welcome to create and submit drawings of your choosing. Academy tutors will support you either way.

Can I use iPad or other mobile tablets and devices to view Academy’s educational materials?

Yes, the Drawing Academy video lessons are compatible with all major browsers and devices.

For how long does the Drawing Academy membership last?

As a Drawing Academy student, you will have a lifetime access to all drawing video lessons and bonuses. This also applies to a personal support from Academy tutors. There are no deadlines, no time pressure. You can enjoy the drawing course at your own pace.

When will I get the Drawing Academy Diploma?

You will receive the Drawing Academy Diploma of Excellence in your name after completing the 3-month course term.

Do I need to pass any exams to receive the Academy Diploma?

The Drawing Academy Diploma of Excellence is issued to commemorate your completion of the course. However, it isn’t just given away automatically! We want to make sure that you have benefited from your time with the Drawing Academy and will ask you to submit drawings created before, during and after the course together with your feedback on the education you received. There is no way to fail the exams.

Can I ask the Drawing Academy tutors my questions related to fine art privately?

Yes, you can. Please send us your enquiries regarding your fine art progress and we will ensure all your questions are covered. As the Drawing Academy student, you will have direct access to the Academy tutors via email and they will be able to solve all your art related questions and give you personal advice on your creative development.

Are any workshops available in the Drawing Academy?

The Academy holds online webinars that members can participate in FREE of charge. These interactive webinars can be viewed online in real time. We will notify all subscribers when the next webinar is scheduled. You can subscribe to our list to receive free drawing lessons and bonuses.

Can you advise me about additional resources to help promote my artistic name and art business?

The great book “Fine Art: Your Fame and Wealth. Who if not you?” written by Vladimir London and Sophie Golden will open your eyes to new possibilities of becoming a successful and wealthy fine artist. This book is available here.

What is the refund policy?

There are no refunds once you received the Drawing Academy membership. Our Sales and Refund policy is explained here.

Can I cancel my membership?

Yes. You can cancel your Drawing Academy membership at any time.

You may keep all the bonuses you have received by the time of cancellation and continue to view the fine art video lessons you have already paid for. However, you will not have access to new video lessons.

Keep in mind that we cannot guarantee the current membership price if you decide to re-join the Drawing Academy at a later date.

Can I re-join the Drawing Academy after cancellation?

Yes, you can. Please note, that the course price might be higher by time you decide to re-join in the future.

Can I take a break for a few months and come back to the Drawing Academy course when I’m ready?

It’s easier to keep your membership open even if you would like to have a break for few months. In this way, when you come back to your membership area more videos and bonuses will be available for you straight away. You will also avoid paying the higher membership fee when the price goes up. There’s no expiration of your membership access even after the 3-month period, so you may take breaks and come back as you wish.

Can I download Academy Videos to my computer?

All video lessons are streamed online and available for you at any time on any Internet connected device. As the Drawing Academy member, you have a lifetime access to all video lessons and bonus books you have paid for.

You cannot download the Drawing Academy video lessons. This policy protects our copyrighted products distribution. Any violation of this policy will be prosecuted in accordance with international laws.

What if I have any technical questions?

We provide all necessary Customer Support.

I have a question that isn’t covered on this page.

Please contact us and we will be happy to help.

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Three Monthly Installments
Pay for the course in 3 easy installments
  • Receive 15 new videos monthly (45 in total)
  • Incredible discount – $4,164
  • Bonuses - Fine Art eBooks and Videos
  • Drawing Academy Diploma of Excellence after course completion in 3 months
  • Personal coaching by Drawing Academy Tutors
  • Lifetime membership. Free after the 3rd month
Total cost: $291 USD (3 x $97)

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Complete Course - BEST VALUE
Get all video lessons for a one-time payment
  • Immediate access to all 45 video lessons
  • Incredible discount – $4,198
  • Bonuses - Fine Art eBooks and Videos
  • Drawing Academy Diploma of Excellence after course completion in 3 months
  • Personal coaching by Drawing Academy Tutors
  • Lifetime membership. No more payments
Total cost - Only $257 USD

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