What Makes Drawing Academy Unique

How Drawing Academy is different from other art courses?

And what it means for you

By Vladimir London

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What Makes Drawing Academy Unique

As the Drawing Academy tutor, I receive questions on how the Drawing Academy is different from other drawing courses.

There are 7 specific reasons which make the Drawing Academy unique.

1. The Drawing Academy Course follows traditions started by the Old Masters.

Our course teaches how to draw using time-proven techniques. We give realistic classical drawing methods. These techniques were developed from the time of the Old Masters.

Contemporary art colleges have replaced traditional tutoring with an “express yourself” curriculum. Their students often graduate without adequate drawing skills.

If you want to become a better fine artist, you have to master drawing.

Drawing is a skill that can be gained whatever your age or experience. We will help you achieve necessary knowledge to improve your drawing skills and express your creative abilities.

2. You will be taught by professional fine artists and teachers.

Many art courses today are run by teachers who are not successful fine artists in their own right, or by self-taught artists who are not qualified teachers.

By contrast, the Drawing Academy is presented by professional and thriving fine artists Natalie Richy and Vladimir London, who also have a strong teaching background.

Our vision is that Fine Art serves to portray the beauty and purpose of life. Our life purpose is to help fine artists achieve success. We founded the Drawing Academy to carry out our mission, which is to show, to teach and to inspire.

In the Drawing Academy we show genuine values of Classical Fine Art, and continue the traditions of the Old Masters.

In this course, we teach solid drawing skills, sharing our knowledge, experience and know-how.

In the drawing lessons, we inspire art students to seek their own inspiration in the true values of Classical Fine Art. We help develop an individual’s creative style based on the rich heritage of traditional craftsmanship.

Ask other art teachers what vision, life purpose and mission they have. I bet they haven’t even thought about it.

3. We teach solid drawing skills to enable you to draw whatever you see or imagine.

Learning to draw is not a project; it is a life-long process. It is not about how to draw certain objects. It is all about acquiring knowledge and skills that serve you for a lifetime.

There are many artists out there who sell their ‘how to draw’ DVDs. In most cases these tutorials are on how to draw some thing: ‘how to draw a portrait’ or ‘how to draw a girl’.

Learning drawing from such DVDs is an erroneous approach. Assorted ‘watch me drawing’ presentations will not give you all-round drawing skills. They will only show you how to draw a particular object.

In the Drawing Academy, we focus on giving you skills that will enable you to draw whatever you see, think, or imagine.

4. We give a comprehensive drawing education from the basics to advanced levels.

In the Drawing Academy, you will benefit from a complete course of video lessons that progresses from basic to more advanced topics:
– You’ll start with information on drawing materials and how to use them;
– You’ll learn how to draw with pencil in the correct way and find out how to render tonal values using various pencil hatching methods;
– You’ll discover traditional principles of constructive realistic drawing;
– You’ll learn about golden proportions and how to use them in your compositions;
– You’ll discover how to use rules of perspective in drawing;
– You’ll find out the classical ways of drawing realistic portraits from life, memory and imagination;
– You’ll discover the traditional ways of drawing human figures;
– You’ll learn the human anatomy for artists and its application in figurative drawing;
– You’ll get in-depth practical information on various genres including still-life, figurative drawing, animal and botanical drawing, and others;
– And you will also discover trade secrets of unique creative techniques that are not available anywhere else.

The Drawing Academy course is suited for both beginners and advanced students. Beginners will learn classical ways of drawing, while advanced students will discover drawing techniques that are not taught in other art schools and colleges.

5. We teach Human Anatomy which will improve your realistic figurative drawing.

In the Drawing Academy you will get in-depth information on the anatomy and proportions of a human body. Video lessons will reveal all you need to know about bones, muscles, joints and proportions to equip you in drawing figures and portraits realistically.

In contemporary art colleges, the topic of human anatomy is presented very briefly.

We know that only artists with a deep fundamental knowledge of anatomy are capable of creating great figurative art. That’s why human anatomy lessons are a big part of the Drawing Academy course.

6. We offer lifetime memberships and personal support by tutors.

Maybe you think three months isn’t enough time to perfect drawing. We agree. That’s why at the Drawing Academy we offer a lifetime membership. That’s right. For just one tuition fee you receive lifetime access to all video lessons and bonuses.

In addition, we offer you unlimited personal support via email, so you can contact us at any time with any art related questions you may have. Drawing Academy tutors will be happy to help you advance in your creative development.

Can you think of any contemporary college where you can learn art indefinitely without making additional payments for every year or course you take?

Drawing Academy is different. There is no expiration. There are no extra fees. All updates come free of charge. Enroll today for a lifetime of art education and tutoring.

Here is what our students say:

“It is with great joy I’ve enrolled in Drawing Academy. I absolutely thank you, Vladimir and Natalie for your courses online. You are both exceptional artists but more importantly you are teachers. And you are both very kind beyond measure.”

“You are doing GREAT work by making these classical lessons available to people like me, who do not have the opportunity to be properly trained otherwise.”
Lucy Chen

“I cannot tell you how excited I am! I’ve taken lessons for years; and I can tell that I will learn more from this than I have learned in recent years. So thank you so very much for sharing your knowledge and expertise.”
Karen Garel

You can see more feedback and many more comments from our students and visitors on the Drawing Academy.com pages.

7. Drawing Academy delivers great value for your money.

When it comes to the course value, let’s compare it with other institutions.

The art education in a private US college will cost you about $25,000 per year. A four-year tuition will set you back $100,000! Plus there’s no guarantee that you’ll graduate with good drawing skills!

As one subscriber commented: “I am a student who chose the wrong school to study Visual Art. I went in with little to no skill in drawing. I will leave the same way. But I will have a degree that says I can put rubbish together and call it art!”

You may choose a cheaper college, of course, for as little as $2,500 per year. Such an art education will cost you $10,000 for four years. Would you think highly successful, fine artists tutor there? You might be left to yourself to figure out how to learn drawing.

The Drawing Academy will save you time and money, while providing excellent ‘how to draw’ education. Because Drawing Academy is based online, we can offer far greater value for the money.

If you were to buy all of the video lessons for this course separately, it would cost you $4,455 (45 lessons at $99 each). However, we give you an even better price for the immense value this course provides. The Drawing Academy education is available for as little as $257 for the complete course. This is equivalent to a cost of one cup of coffee per day!

This is the only price you’ll pay to get lifetime access to all video lessons and bonuses; all future updates and upgrades will be free of charge. This is by far the best value for your money you can find anywhere.

If you want to spread out payments, you can enroll on a monthly basis, paying just $97 per month for three months. The total cost in this case will be $291. Your Drawing Academy membership will become free of charge after the third month. You will continue to enjoy a lifetime of free access to all video lessons and bonuses and have unlimited support from the Academy tutors.

In both cases, you get the Drawing Academy Diploma of Excellence in your name after three moths.
To your creative success,

Vladimir London
Drawing Academy tutor

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