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Art Competition Archive

Drawings with soul

Artwork by Elena Legutko

Hello, my name is Elena. I am 37 years old, I live in Moscow. I’m not a professional artist. In adulthood, I studied for several years in the art studio academic drawing and painting. There I was given the basic knowledge, that I use in my work. Currently, I am more focused on graphic works.

I have always liked colored pencils, and I once tried to make a portrait of a dog in such a technique, and I did it. Overall I have made more than 30 dog portraits with colored pencils, pastels and oil. This has been a priority for me over the past few years. I also started to draw colored pencil portraits of people.

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Artwork by Klara

Hi, my name is Klara. My dreams are to become a great artist and inspire other people with my work and mostly I want that they will enjoy in it.

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Drawing by Vismaya Khatokar

Hi! My name is Vismaya.

I’m really passionate about sketching and painting and I really want to turn myself into a professional. The only activity that makes me feel confident and faithful upon myself is art.

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Art by Serene Speakman

Unending journey

I was always the youngest and overlooked one in my family. My oldest brother was an artist and my next oldest was a singer.

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Artwork by Pete Harding

Jake’s House

I am a 74-year-old former gym teacher who has been fiddling with pencil and pen and ink drawing for years. I am self-taught, and have sold many prints over the past 50 years, mostly pen and ink. I also have had a few contract drawings and even a painting in mixed media from time to time. I have entered contests before, but have never won one.

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Artwork by Jane Wong

Never too old

I started painting and drawing 10 years ago after I retired from a career in finance. It was time to use the other half of my brain and I was sure it still functioned.

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Drawing by Shelly Cox-Vandermeulen

Drawing by Shelly Cox-Vandermeulen

Little Dreamer

I am the little dreamer! I have been drawing and painting since childhood. I have always been pulled toward figurative subjects. In fact I got into trouble while attending school in fifth grade.

I was in English class which was boring to me at the time so I was doodling in my notebook. Just so happens that I was drawing a busty woman wearing a short skirt…(Little Abner comic style). Well my teacher did not like it one bit. She actually drug me into the principals office and called my Mother to come in right then for a conference about my artwork. Luckily my Mother stood by my side and applauded the skillful drawing! I promised to pay attention in class and keep my drawing for home. We’ll just go with from then on I did my best not to get caught again :)

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Artwork by Shannon

Howler monkey at the pool

A working artist that moved to the beach and rediscovered my love of wildlife art. There is just something about sitting on your porch and watching a troop of monkeys rousting a flock of parrots from the tops of the trees that makes you want to capture them on paper and in paint.

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Sketch by Willie Jimenez

The Artist Muse

I’m a navy vet who recently graduated college with a certificate in 3D animation and preproduction. currently transitioning from my career before the Navy in comic books and illustration. to something in concept art and entertainment design. although I learned to model and animate in 3D, I’m much more interested improving and using my 2D traditional skills, so I since I been out of college have been taking courses at places like Brainstorm school and CGMA.

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