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Art Competition Archive

Drawing a part of daily life

Drawing by Karan Shrestha

My name is Karan Shrestha. I was born in Kathmandu, Nepal which lies in Asia, neighboring country of China and India. Currently I am studying Information Technology but art and drawing has always been a part of my life.

Art is a daily part of my life, i draw in everything such as my college benches small papers walls i can find if i have a pencil or a pen.

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Artwork by Ruben Jasso

My time that I spend in art makes me feel better from the cares of every day life. Born in Texas I know Robert E Howard also was and he created Conan.

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A Long Road To Get Here

Artwork bby Deanna-Marie

I am a college student about to graduate with my bachelor’s. I’m also a mom and for the past four years I out my artwork on the back burner for my education and because I thought my abilities weren’t enough. Art has always been my favorite activity. I started getting into art when I was in fourth grade and it blossomed from there. Eventually I was in high-school where I entered competitions and the AP selection. However, I always felt like my art style never truly could compared to those around me.

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Artwork by Dustin Voyles

DV8tion through art

In my journey to deal with the stressors of life I found art. In endeavor I am seeking to sharpen every facet of my skill, including drawing. I’m seeking this membership in order to improve my fundamental drawing to be applied to my paintings. Vote for me to help me draw ALL THE THINGS!

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The Lady With No Name

Drawing by Denise Webster

I am inspired by art and architecture and the people who created and designed them. I am fascinated on how things are built and how they work.

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The beauty of horses

Artwork by Kamal

Since childhood I started to love drawing horses When my teacher painted one of them on the blackboard with chalk. After I arrived at the university There was a professor in the art of drawing named Faik Hassan، He was creative in drawing horses I loved drawing them more.

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Hyper realistic portrait drawing of a girl

Hyper realistic portrait drawing of a girl

Artwork by Himanshu Vora

Though I am a software engineer, Art means a lot to me, that drives me to some divine and serene place where I am not present but disolve in the whole, being the one. That seems like meditation for me.

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Why do I draw? To portrait my son and my daughter

Artowrk by Francesco

My name is Francesco, I’m from Italy, I live in the south. I always tryed to improve my drawing techniques in order to have good portraits of my family. I use graphite pencils, charcoal, sanguine and sometimes white chalk on toned paper.

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Max Sibenius Trip

The many sides and Loves of a Retiree!

Hi, my name is Max Sibenius Trip, 79 years old Retiree of Dutch origin and live in Australia with my Scottish wife Isobel.

In 1997, I had my first encounter with the Art World, joining a local Art Group, learning Drawing and Painting Techniques from local Artists.

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Not afraid to become “AMAZING”!

Artworks by Sandy Fox

It’s been a long, rather fractured journey…please read on. I had just come out of an orphanage in the early forties and moved into a cinderblock basement with my grandmother and grandfather. There was an old stove, a washtub, a cardtable, an old chair and an incinerator. As my grandmother and grandfather played cards every night after dinner, I would sit in the big chair and draw pictures in my grandmother’s books.

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