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Art Competition Archive

Artwork by Shannon

Howler monkey at the pool

A working artist that moved to the beach and rediscovered my love of wildlife art. There is just something about sitting on your porch and watching a troop of monkeys rousting a flock of parrots from the tops of the trees that makes you want to capture them on paper and in paint.

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Sketch by Willie Jimenez

The Artist Muse

I’m a navy vet who recently graduated college with a certificate in 3D animation and preproduction. currently transitioning from my career before the Navy in comic books and illustration. to something in concept art and entertainment design. although I learned to model and animate in 3D, I’m much more interested improving and using my 2D traditional skills, so I since I been out of college have been taking courses at places like Brainstorm school and CGMA.

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Artwork by Fabio Rigon

Expressive eyes

My name is Fabio, 45 years old, married, father of two lovely girls, I’m Brazilian.

I draw since I was a child, never mind to have other profession instead of an artist, nowadays I’m a textile surface designer, I love drawing and painting, but have never made a course.

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Artwork by Karen E Schultz-Hess

Artwork by Karen E Schultz-Hess

“In Ancient Starlight We Lay In Repose”

I am have been creating art since I have memory. I work in multimedia, but my love is and will always be in graphite. The pencil can be a Stratavarious. An extension of us when we know our tools and how to make them sing.

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Art by Juliet Mevi

Makers of Artworks

Art making is what I do. I make art because the process brings me gratification and self fulfillment.

Challenges lie in constantly improving my art making and expanding my skills.

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Artwork by Davide Hurley

I paint to live

I was always a artist. After high school I enrolled in a commercial art school. It was not for me. I got married and moved to the country and lived in a geodesic dome. I opened a printed t-shirt business and had art shows to stay alive. Eventually I moved back to the city and went to work for a sign company. Now and then I would show my art with other artists.

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Drawing by Maria

His creation

I am a wife, mother of 4 children that took up art after neglecting it for many years. I find art gives me the opportunity to get away from everyday life and its a place where I can just get perspective again. Art has taken on a very special place in my life currently. Since I just started I find that art in itself a challenge, meaning it is hard to start from scratch.

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