Chasing perfection – Preserving world’s beauty

Chasing perfection

Artwork by Andres Montilla

Hi! I’m Andres, a self-taught artist who found in Art his purpose in life. Art is everything for me, there’s no other lifestyle I want to seek, I’ve been involved in this amazing world since I can remember. Reading books and practicing by drawing from life I thing I have a good artistic level, but I think I can be better and go beyond my current level.

My challenge in Art is to left a legacy after I leave this world and raise my country’s Art standards to the next level since there’s a few artists of my country I can say have a good artistic level compared with the grat pieces of artwork of the old masters and even other artists from my country’s surroundings.

I want to learn from Art, all secrets and techniques to become a better artist.

I think Drawing Academy Is the right place to get the knowledge I lack currently to do that step further and unlock my next artist version, using this knowledge I plan to make a collection of artworks that can become potentially international representations of my country’s culture and history; that’s why I want to win the Drawing Academy course – to reach my full potential.

To be a better person but most important to show the beauty and deepness of my country’s history and mythology as well to make beautiful Art with high aesthetic standards.

people should vote for me for a single reason: traditional Art must be preserved and what a better way than take a couple of minutes to support those like me, who are willing to dedicate their entire life to make beautiful things that are literally footprints of human culture and history.

Thanks in advance! Have a nice day and don’t forget to support me with your vote.

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