I want this drawing course and display!

I want this drawing course and UGEE1600 pen display!

Artwork by James Collins

I used to sketch for pleasure as a youngster, then quit when I got older, and then returned to it four years ago and began taking it more seriously. I’d want to win the Drawing Academy course so that I may take full advantage of it and learn what I’ve been missing out on. And I believe there is so much to learn that I would benefit much from a decent art course to lead my artistic development.

Drawing and painting people is my favorite subject matter. I go to the mall or a park to watch and sketch people from life.

My goal in art is to enhance my drawing and painting skills. I want to study everything I can to improve my drawing and painting and understanding of art. If I can’t become a virtuoso artist, I want to get near. I’d also like to learn how to paint in watercolor.

I can make decent portraits after duplicating a number of images. Nonetheless, I continue to struggle with face characteristics, particularly the eyes. I’m not very comfortable painting faces from various perspectives; foreshortening is something I struggle with. I also need more practice with entire figures from various angles. I want to be able to draw gestures, figures, and anatomy with correct proportions.

I’ve gone over the free Drawing Academy demonstrations twice and am really interested in getting the entire course. I’ve been practicing sketching from life with the help of those videos. I don’t believe I’m missing anything that I’m not aware of; I simply need to improve my sketching skills, portraiture, anatomy, and all of the other topics covered in the Drawing Academy.

I want to be able to draw realistically and professionally and that is why I’d love to win the Drawing Academy course, especially since it includes UGEE digital drawing monitor as an added bonus. I want this drawing tablet since I am also really interested in digital drawing.

If I do not win this art course, I will consider purchasing the UGEE1600 pen display anyway because I have seen how the art course instructor, Vladimir London used this tablet. It seems such a nice and easy way to make sketches. I want to learn digital drawing to become a better artist and illustrator!

Thank you

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