Let Me be Selfish for Once

Let Me be Selfish for Once

Artwork and story by Coven Rose

First, gratitude to my parents, and my painting teacher who brought me the joy of painting when I was a young child that one summer class. I’d like to go by Coven Rose, a pseudonym no one knows but one that has silently resided in my heart for years, a name so foreign yet so familiar. I was born in a coastal town in Myanmar, but moved to the city in order to pursue better opportunities for my education. I was always alone but never alone, as art was my longtime companion.

To me, art is a loyal and constant companion. It’s always there, ready to provide solace and inspiration whenever I need it. It’s a friend that I can turn to in times of joy and sorrow, and it never fails to lift my spirits and remind me of the beauty and wonder of the world. No matter where life takes me, I know that art will always be by my side, offering comfort, support, and a source of endless fascination and delight.

So whenever I feel alone or overwhelmed, I turn to art. It reminds me that I’m not alone in this world, that there are others out there who feel the same way I do. And in that sense, art is not just a friend, but a source of comfort and hope that I can always rely on.

I am passionate about learning the fundamentals of art: perspective, lighting, anatomy. While the painting I submitted may not showcase these fundamentals (sorta?), it holds a special place in my heart as it represents a moment of raw inspiration that I captured on a whim. Although most of my realism drawings are mere sketches, I am determined to grow and evolve as an artist, and I believe that learning these fundamentals is the first step in achieving my goals.

As a firm believer that a good foundation is essential for becoming a skilled artist, I am eager to develop my skills in these areas. By mastering the basics, an artist will be able to slowly diverge and bloom and shine on their own, like a child learning to ride a bike and soon gaining the confidence to ride freely on their own. I believe I’ll be able to expand my creativity and bring my own unique style to my artworks.

Drawing Academy is an excellent resource for anyone looking to improve their drawing skills. The short but effective videos cover the basics of drawing, watercolors & sketches, in a way that is easy to understand and apply. As someone who is passionate about art, I appreciate the attention to detail and the focus on building a strong foundation of skills.

Ever since I was young, I’ve always wanted to become an artist. Growing up, that dream seemed far-fetched, as i had to live in a way in order to not get assaulted by my own blood relative. The mental suffocation was overwhelming, and I had to prioritize my safety over my passion. And recently with the economic and political situation in Myanmar, I never want to burden my parents with financial situations, never, since I’m still a student.
It was choosing between that and becoming an artist. It was abandoned but never forgotten, no, it never withered away, that dream of mine. I’m committed to putting my parents above and beyond before anything else, but deep down, i have also made an oath to myself that in whatever way, art will be a factor alongside supporting my parents, that i will make art a part of my life. Art is my passion, my refuge, and I will never let go of it.

Now I’m on a break before I go back to my school for good in months to come. So I thought: Instead of focusing on mindless activities, why not give my all into something I’ve always been passionate about, this time professionally guided? I’d love my skills to be polished by real masters in this Academy I’ve heard of and after being a bystander the past year, I feel I want to push my luck and try to seize this opportunity, once and for all.
I’ll most likely not have any free time again when eventually, I’ll work hard and gain an opportunity to go study abroad.

One thing however, I know I am hopeless with the democratic voting part already since I am doing this alone. But I hope my sincerity and potential shine through to anyone who’s reading this. I’m embracing the chance to be a little selfish, and to prioritize my own growth and aspirations. I’ll do this for my parents and for me.

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