Winning Drawing Academy course would be a dream come true

Winning Drawing Academy course would be a dream come true

Artwork and story from Sudhashree

My name is Sudhashree and I live in India. I am an aspiring animator and enjoy exploring various art forms such as sketching, drawing, and painting. I find art to be a therapeutic and fulfilling activity that allows me to express my creativity and emotions. Art has always played a significant role in my life, and it has been a form of self-expression that has helped me cope with various challenges. I try to create art whenever I can, as it is a way to relax and unwind while also improving my skills. As a beginner, I have faced several challenges in various aspects of art, such as figure drawing, gesture, and anatomy. However, I am always eager to learn and improve my skills, and I take every challenge as an opportunity to grow. I am eager to learn more about anatomy, figure drawing, and various other techniques that can help me improve my skills as an animator. Additionally, I want to learn how to use different software and tools to create digital artwork.

Drawing Academy seems like an excellent platform that provides comprehensive art education and training. I appreciate the fact that it covers a wide range of topics, from basics to advanced techniques, and it seems like a great resource for artists of all levels. Winning the Drawing Academy course would be an incredible opportunity for me to improve my skills and learn from experienced artists. I believe that this course will help me achieve my goals of becoming a successful animator and producing high-quality artwork.

I would be grateful for anyone who takes the time to vote for me in this competition. I am passionate about art, and winning the Drawing Academy course would be a dream come true. Additionally, I believe that I have a lot of potential as an artist, and I am committed to working hard to achieve my goals.

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