Mitzie’s Story

Mitzie's Story

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Artwork and story from Mitzie

I’m 19 years old and based in Colorado, graduating from an art high school. I’ve been drawing since middle school. I like critters, karaoke, and chicken gump a whole lot! Art for me is my passion and drive and I want to be a professional artist one day, instead of being anything else. Challenges do come with this. I need to buy a tablet so I can start drawing on my computer. Drawing with a computer is, I think, the first step to becoming a professional digital artist. Besides learning strong foundations in art.

I want to learn anatomy, color theory, values, and everything there is to know about drawing and painting. I want to be well versed and will do everything in my power to learn and grow more than I ever had.

I think Drawing Academy is a very good, well versed educational opportunity for me. Since I do not have a lot of money, this competition will mean a whole lot if I win. Even if I don’t, I think this is a great and worthwhile experience to at least try my hand at this.

I’ve been following Drawing Academy for a while now and I totally agree with their vision, purpose, and mission. I think art should 100% portray beauty and have storytelling aspects that convey the meaning of life and other relevant topics we may have universally. I’d love to inspire one day as they inspired me.

I think people should vote for me because I plan to be a content creator, in which if people like me enough, I can share my journey and process with the world faster than I could without the competition. I plan to showcase my art on YouTube but also share my experiences as I go along this art journey.

Thank you for reading, and I hope you have an amazing day!

I want to win this Competition and I need your help!

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