Drawing Academy is a dream

Drawing Academy is a dream

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Artwork and story from Tamera Ann

Hello, my name is Tamera Ann and art has replaced everything in my life. It is therapy.

It is what I wake up to do in the morning and go to bed thinking about at night. I used to have a great job, lived in another state and because of an accident I have forgot how to do everything. Even something as simple as mixing colors and prepping my canvas, I’ve had to learn over. I’ve had to learn everything over again.

I’m in The Art Academy, and have realized that I needed to do the drawing course first to have an under standing of the correct way to do it. This would help with my painting so much.

The Drawing Academy is a dream and winning this competition to go with it would be an amazing first step for my future as an artist. So please vote for me and make my dream come true.

Thank You

I want to win this Competition and I need your help!

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