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Still-life artwork critique – How to use constructive drawing

Artwork from Geri, Drawing Academy student

Hi Drawing Academy tutors,

I’ve just registered and look forward to my journey on this art course.

Just to let you know I am a totally self-taught artist and have had no formal art training at all. As a child and young adult I found it quite easy to draw from my imagination but as I got older I started drawing from photos and now I’m even finding it quite difficult just to do that. I enjoy it but it takes me ages to create my artworks.

I’m just scared that I may not be able to break out of old bad habits like copying from photos.

Here’s one still-life I’ve done from life.

Still-life drawing critique

Many thanks

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White Mountains

White Mountains

Artwork by Carmelina Fauteux, Drawing Academy student

I love doing landscapes. This is from the White Mountains in Nh. I chose a monochromatic color scheme that fit that cold shady path and frozen stream.

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