Drawing by Orlando Nah

Drawing by Orlando Nah


My name is Orlando Nah and I live in Camalote, a small village in the country of Belize. I can reflect to a day whilst in class, almost 45 years ago, our teacher asked the entire class to draw anything and write about it. I took one of the encyclopedia from our school library and as I flipped thru the pages, I saw a rat and decided to draw it. I drew the rat, colored it and wrote about it. This is a very fond memory of mine because it was on this day that I discovered I had a talent, I knew how to draw! My teacher and my class mates were amazed by the fine work that I did. This marked the beginning of my journey as an artist. Every opportunity I got I drew. I did drawings from magazines and comic books, basically anything I could get my hands on.

Art has become a part of my life; this passion has given my life so much meaning. It has helped me to connect with our creator as I meditate on how he skillfully designed the earth and all its creations. I have been blessed with the ability to create art from my observation of nature, My love for nature has helped me fuel my passion. However, being a self-taught artist has several drawbacks. Without the fundamental or systematic training on different techniques and concepts I find that at times I must take on a trial and error approach as opposed to a step by step approach.

At the age of 58 years old, with very limited financing and an undying passion, I am confident that it is not too late for me to become the artist I really want to be. I recognize that art is a journey, a difficult yet exciting one especially without guidance.

I believe that the Drawing Academy will help to steer me in the right course so that I may reach my endeavors. I am eager and excited to learn all that there is in old master techniques, how to express myself more efficiently in my art and how to make emphasis in my compositions.

If you vote for me, you will be sharing in my success of accomplishing my true potentials and becoming the best that I can be.

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  1. Candace W says:

    Wow! I recently discovered the drawing academy website and was going through it only to find that a Belizean has won the 2019 competition. I am from Belmopan and like you, have always had a passion for drawing but have never had the opportunity to formally hone my skills.

    Of all the online tutoring I have come across, this is the first one I have a strong urge to enroll in. I do hope you enjoy it and that I can soon join you on the journey to become a skilled artist!

    Best wishes fellow Belizean!


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