Drawing Academy Art Competition Winners – Winter 2022

Drawing Academy Art Competition Winners – Winter 2022

Thank You!

Big thanks to all Drawing Academy Art Competition – Winter 2022 participants. We are also grateful to all supporters, who voted for the winners.

In nominating the winners, we considered how many votes winners have received from other people.

According to the Competition Rules, there are three full Drawing Academy Memberships to be awarded.

And the Winners are:

Drawing Academy Art Competition Winners - Winter 2022Meíssa Riguête de Araújo Lima


“The Drawing Academy is a dream to me. Unfortunately, where I live, there are not such solid institutions in the teaching of art and when they exist, they are for rich people. The Drawing Academy work is wonderful, the teachers impeccable and the initiative of a competition for new students brings hope to people like me who study alone.”

Drawing Academy Art Competition Winners - Winter 2022Dahlia Osama


“I have known the drawing art academy for years. I have watched all of the videos and I’ve always wanted to study at Drawing Academy because it gives me the opportunity to learn more than what isn’t taught in art colleges these days. And is one of the few places to get the best out of drawing.”

Drawing Academy Art Competition Winners - Winter 2022Lenin Enmanuel Terrones Señas


“What I think of Drawing Academy is that it is an admirable academy with a strong purpose, to uphold the traditional teachings of art. It also has a very organized system.”

New Drawing Academy Art Competition – Spring 2022

The new Art Competition cycle will run for 3 months and 3 winners will be awarded with the complete Drawing Academy Course on May 31, 2022.

For your chance to win the Drawing Academy membership, enter the Art Competition

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  1. Dahlia Osama says:

    I am extremely happy to know that I have won your drawing academy course.
    Thank you very much for giving me this opportunity. Thank you Natalie Richy and Vladimir London for opening the school doors
    Thanks again.

  2. Meíssa Riguête de Araújo Lima says:

    Dear Vladimir London and Natalie Richy,

    I have no words to express my happiness. Thank you so much for your generous initiative in creating the contest and giving us the opportunity to study art.
    I am grateful to have the opportunity to be here.
    I want to thank everyone who voted for me and supported me during the competition, thank you very much.
    Congratulations to all the winners!

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