Night at the bar

Night at the bar

Artwork and story by Lenin Enmanuel Terrones Señas

My name is Lenin Enmanuel Terrones Señas, I am from Peru and I have been drawing since I was eight years old. Art has a place in me on a personal level, with art you can transmit not only emotions, but also messages, and it makes us reflect on our existence, social problems or life in general, so art is not only personal, but also collective because it connects with other people.

One of the challenges I have is to be an expert and profit from my drawings. What I am looking to learn in the course are drawing techniques and theory that will help me improve.

What I think of Drawing Academy is that it is an admirable academy with a strong purpose, to uphold the traditional teachings of art. It also has a very organized system.

The reason why I think people should vote for me is that I need professors and teachers to guide me, I have tried to follow a self-taught path but I get confused and make the same mistakes over and over again, if you vote for me you will help me to get better.

Thank you for reading

I want to win this Competition and I need your help!

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