Improving my paintings and drawings

Improving my paintings and drawings

Story and artwork from Cindy


My name is Cindy and I draw for one month about. The art has always had a main place in my life. I love the museums, expositions but also theater. I think that all the art complete themself and bring something to me.

I am still beginner but my greatest challenge will be to do an exposition. It will be very fear but also exciting.

I have to project the next month to buy the tutoring of old master academy and the drawing academy course let me to improve my drawings and correct my sketch. Furthermore, I draw with the help of the photo ( without looking for the likeness) and model live but I have the difficulty to draw with my imagination. Translate the draw I imagine on the paper is a challenge for me.

I have a crush about your lessons and the organisation. In that moment, I learn the module Old Master Academy who is astonishing. I appreciate that the during of the video is short but easy to understand and direct to essential. So, you create more that you watch the video. I like too the fact all is not the key to hand. I see already an amélioration with my drawing and painting with the repetition of the process.

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