Drawing Academy Art Competition Winners – Summer 2020

Drawing Academy Art Competition Winners – Summer 2020

Thank You!

Big thanks to all Drawing Academy Art Competition – Summer 2020 participants. We are also grateful to all supporters, who voted for the winners.

In nominating the winners, we considered how many votes winners have received from other people.

According to the Competition Rules, there are three full Drawing Academy Memberships to be awarded. However, we gave away not three, but four prizes.

And the Winners are:

Drawing Academy Art Competition Winners - Summer 2020Mary Townsend


“At the end of 2019 I made the commitment to draw every day. I also had come across Drawing Academy while looking online for some tips on how to improve my drawing skills. Something about their approach to studying resonated with me. I like their approach to study and the steady flow of working through the various techniques required to master drawing at the highest level.”

Drawing Academy Art Competition Winners - Summer 2020Beatriz Alves Lourenço


“Only recently have I had enough confidence to share my art. Being a member of Drawing Academy will certainly help me improve my confidence. By voting for my drawing you will be really helping me to develop my art and become the artist that I dream of becoming. Thank you”

Drawing Academy Art Competition Winners - Summer 2020Paulo Gobes


“I know that Drawing Academy will help me hone my skills so that I can better represent the beauty of this wonderful and sacred world we live in. The artwork I send is a portrait of one of my favorite authors Paulo Coelho. I think he did in his books what I try to do in my art.”

Drawing Academy Art Competition Winners - Summer 2020ANISH BALACHANDRAN


“I want to be able to express my feelings and thoughts through my work. I really want to win the Drawing Academy course because this will give me so needed inspiration and knowledge to become a professional artist. There is so much to lean in this course!”

New Drawing Academy Art Competition – Autumn 2020

The new Art Competition cycle will run for 3 months and 3 winners will be awarded with the complete Drawing Academy Course on November 30, 2020.

For your chance to win the Drawing Academy membership, enter the Art Competition

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  1. Mary Townsend says:

    Congratulations to my fellow competitors and winners of the Summer 2020 competition. Thank you Drawing Academy for providing this outstanding opportunity and especially to all those who voted for me and made it possible. I believe this course will be a game-changer!

  2. I would like to thank Drawing Academy for the great opportunity and everyone who voted for my drawing.
    Congratulations to the other winners and to everybody who submitted their art.
    I am very happy and I can’t wait to start my classes. I am sure I have a lot to learn from you!

  3. Anish says:

    I congratulate to all winners and my competitors. And thank you to the drawing academy for providing me this outstanding course to achieve my goals in the art field. And I sincerely thanking you especially those who are voted for me and make my dream with in my hands.

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