Story and artwork from Beatriz Alves Lourenço

My name is Beatriz Alves, I am a Brazilian artist.

I love drawing since childhood, but I started taking it seriously recently, which changed my life.

Art is what brings excitement to my existence. Waking up knowing that I can create something that other people can relate to is what makes me want to continue living and what helped me to overcome really difficult moments.

I always wrote poems, but I felt like something was missing, so one day I tried to illustrate a poem so that people could see more clearly what I was trying to say. Since then, I have never stopped drawing, because I felt I could express myself better and see other people’s interpretation of what I created, what comes from each person’s experience.

I love to draw the human figure, which is the theme of most of my drawings, because I think the body can express things that the mind can never put into words. So, winning this competition would make it possible for me to say all the things that I want to say but I I can’t say it with words.

I chose this drawing because I think it talks a lot about loneliness, which is part of everyone’s life, to some extent, and I like that people can relate to my drawings.

Sometimes I get frustrated because I have a really good idea for a drawing, but I don’t have the technique to do it, which makes me feel like I’m wasting my potential. Only recently have I had enough confidence to share my art.

Being a member of Drawing Academy will certainly help me improve my confidence.

By voting for my drawing you will be really helping me to develop my art and become the artist that I dream of becoming.

Thank you

I want to win this Competition and I need your help!

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