Sandra Sobral em Telas

Sandra Sobral em Telas

Drawing and story from Sandra Sobral


My name is Sandra. I have been drawing since my childhood, when I used to copy letters from the newspaper before I even knew how to read or to write, as my mother usually tells me smiling.

I always enjoyed drawing portraits or any people figure, for pleasure or therapy. Six years ago, when I got a break from work, I attended a presential course of drawing portraits which gave me the opportunity to practice it on paper, using pencil, charcoal or dry pastries. Apart from that, I have been studying painting to be able to use acrylic paint and produce portraits on canvas, which gives me pleasure and personal rewards. It has become my new form of work.

However, It has taken me time to conclude my artworks before obtaining a satisfactory picture, preventing me from having more job offers and making me insecure.

For that reasons, I think I would love to improve my drawing skills in order to offer an excellent artworks with more agility and proficiency and I believe that the Drawing Academy Course can provide me the opportunity to achieve my goals considering the good quality of videos and articles from them that I have watched and read.

Therefore, I would be delighted to have the opportunity to be part of the drawing course, because I am eager to continue this work that I love and it would be an important step for me, professionally and personally.

I am sure that once I ask my colleagues and clients to vote for me, they will support me. I’m sure that the course will help me to develop my proficiency and it will give me a new life.


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