The Watchman by Mary Townsend

The Watchman by Mary Townsend

Story and artwork from Mary Townsend

Like a lot of would-be-artists I was drawing from the moment I was allowed to hold a pencil unsupervised – actually before that. I would draw on anything I could lay my tiny hands on including, but not limited to, books, newspapers, and the wallpaper.

Every birthday, Christmas and holiday I received colouring books, drawing pads, pencils and paints. Not so much to encourage my artistic flair but rather to discourage further vandalism, as standard disciplinary measures didn’t seem to work. I just wanted to draw.

I soon became known as the artist of the family, among other things, and received a lot of encouragement from teachers to pursue a creative future. For me art was a pleasure not work and I never considered being an artist as a bona fide career path. I needed to get out there and earn money.

I thought that I could do art whenever I liked, especially when I had my own money to buy all the materials I wanted. One day I would master my art. That was my dream, anyway.

Then reality began to set in and like many others who have had a dream, life woke me up sharply and bit by bit I let my dream slide away from me.

Once or twice I would make attempts to give myself some creative me time. I even took an opportunity to get lessons with a professional artist and quickly began to see big improvements in my work. Unfortunately, my tutor had to leave to pursue another path on his own creative journey.

Now I’m fired up to master the skills I need. My interest is surrealism but for me this means I have to master realism first in order to get the element of drama I’m looking for in my work.

At the end of 2019 I made the commitment to draw every day.

I also had come across Drawing Academy while looking online for some tips on how to improve my drawing skills. Something about their approach to studying resonated with me. And it seemed whoever they had writing their emails had access to my private thoughts.

I’ve been receiving and gleaning advice from their emails for some time now and following them on Instagram. I like their approach to study and the steady flow of working through the various techniques required to master drawing at the highest level.

I began to realise that the most familiar things like the human ear, the curve of a mouth, the creases around the eyes, were not at all what I thought. No real ‘lines’ just light and shade, mostly without defined edges. Who knew?

I’m entering this competition because I know I need help to progress further. I now have the space and the appetite to do this. It’s as if everything is aligning and I’m hoping that this will be my time.

If you genuinely like my sketch and see some potential there, I would very much appreciate your vote.
Thank you.

I want to win this Competition and I need your help!

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