Emotion portrayed in art

Emotion portrayed in art

Story and artwork from Charles Gilliam

My name is Chuck Gilliam. I grew up in the military. That time gave me an opportunity to see much of the United States of America. I began drawing as a young boy and found much joy and excitement in that pursuit as I moved from one place to another. That excitement continued as I grew up and continued to move in my later life. To be able to paint and draw the things that I saw that excited me gave me great pleasure. And so it is today. I work constantly to learn new ways to draw and paint. I love to try new styles and looks in my work. I work with many mediums as each presents a new way to see and therefore convey the things I see. From graphite, to colored pencil, to watercolor, to oils. Each one challenges, each one with its peculiar demands excites and drives me to create.

Inspiration comes from searching and pondering. How can I use what I see to create a painting or to tell a story? The insight that comes opens up a
whole realm of possibilities.

Constantly searching for inspiration in the world. Always looking for a story to tell in words and in paintings. Such is the goal!

Always looking for ways to share my art history and work, whether it is through workshops, art shows or artist’s gatherings. Sharing is one great way to learn.

All of these and more make up my life. Moving forward with my work, expanding my world; looking for new ideas for paintings or writings.
Inspiration and creativity drive me on.

I find that the opportunity to paint and create pictures that enhance a story to be the most exciting part of working on a project. The images help to bring it to life. May you write your own story when you look at my work.

Learning through the Drawing Academy would offer me the opportunity to learn more and how I could apply it to my goal to create more exciting works. A fellow artist told me that my “art has a gift of emotion when looked upon” Continued study through the Drawing Academy would allow me to be able to build on that ability to share that emotion in others.

I sincerely hope that as you view my submitted piece you will feel the “emotion” created, and vote for me so that I might continue my growth as an artist. Thank you.

I want to win this Competition and I need your help!

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