Art Competition Winners – Summer 2019

Art Competition Winners – Summer 2019

Thank You!

Big thanks to all Drawing Academy Art Competition – Summer 2019 participants. We are also grateful to all supporters, who voted for the winners.

In nominating the winners, we considered how many votes winners have received from other people.

According to the Competition Rules, there are three full Drawing Academy Memberships to be awarded.

And the Winners are:

Art Competition Winners - Summer 2019Angelica Ozuna

“When I discovered Drawing Academy I saw the opportunity to continue improving my skills. I want to win this course because I have made progress in art and it would be amazing if people vote for me because right now is difficult for me to pay drawing classes”

Art Competition Winners - Summer 2019Hamna Gadar

“Although when required I did well in art, but it was not enough, something was missing and I knew that it was the professional practice of art. I watched a few Drawing Academy video lessons and I felt it important to join the complete course at Drawing Academy”

Art Competition Winners - Summer 2019Evernus WIlliams

“The Drawing Academy will help me solidify my foundation in Realism. It has several course foundations that I am interested in. It also has step by step instructions that would prove invaluable when I am helping instruct others”

New Drawing Academy Art Competition – Autumn 2019

The new Art Competition cycle will run for 3 months and 3 winners will be awarded with the complete Drawing Academy Course on Nonvember 30, 2019.

For your chance to win the Drawing Academy membership, enter the Art Competition

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