Painting by Sameeha Khaliq

Painting by Sameeha Khaliq

I was a born artist and always wanted to go to an art school for a strong foundation but somehow I couldn’t get in there. But my passion for art couldn’t stop me at any point and brought me face-to-face with art while leaving my job and all mundane concerns behind.

I started from scratch, without any art tutor; needless to say it’s very intimidating. In start, I tried to learn all at once from a few online tutors. But I strongly felt a lack of structure in my art endeavor. Although there is good free online content but still I felt something is missing there. Consequently, instead of working on basic drawing skills I directly ventured for a human anatomy and portrait likeness which proved a severe mistake and waste of my time later. This strongly compelled me to get enrolled in some regular classes. But due to some financial issues I couldn’t. I never wanted to be a human photocopier so left the blind drawing for a while and started observing around. Drawing from observation seems valuable than copying from photo. I go outdoor and make many value sketches. (The painting I’m sending is the one I painted last month in a public park).

Now, that I’m strengthening my foundation to grow this seed that has been yearning to become a large blooming tree like the one I painted. Two years ago I learned about this complementary course. In fact this is the kind of foundation and structure I always longed to have but couldn’t find any of my art pieces valuable to send in. Now after hard work of two years I felt little confident to send in. I hope New Masters’ Academy course will provide me a great foundation to improve my drawing and painting skill set.
Sameeha Khaliq

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  1. Adnan says:

    A beautiful painting by Sameeha. She captured nature with every atroke of the brush and made this peace etrnal. Wishing her best of luck for her future.

  2. Rukham says:

    Waaoww great drawing and very motivating story by Sameeha.
    I’m living her artistic skills. The way she painted the landscape is quite impressive showing her interest amd talent.

  3. SAYYIDA says:

    your work is so gorgeous that I have a hard time taking my eyes away from it. It is as fabulous as that of the masters. You have so many outstanding, beautiful and original work of art that I hardly know what to say. I just want my appreciation and to express admiration for your immense talents and abilities. Blessings to you.

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