Artwork by Leonardo Barbosa

Artwork by Leonardo Barbosa

Artium Leo

Hi! I’m Leonardo Barbosa, and about five months ago I decided to leave my professional career till that moment and go to pursuit my goals that were connected with my intellectual/spiritual affairs.

Firstly, I got back my literature, history, philosophy interests and portuguese grammar mainly and, because I was getting too deep and intensive at those studies I decided to revive one of my favorite activities that I had left on my teens: drawing!

Well, this return was so amazing that I decide to try painting and guess what? Is totally connected with absolutely everything that I love!

So, since march this year I decided that I wanna be a painter, no matter what it costs, because art to me it’s not about money, it’s not about “success”, it’s not about tendencies, but about expression, about connection with past, present and future, so I want to make some good things with my life and I guess that everything that I studied and still doing will not be in vain.

No matter what’s difficult I’ll have to deal with, what’s matter is that I believe in God and I’m seen Its hands in everything that I’m doing. Sorry about my English, everything comes at once. By the way, even your free videos are helping me a lot and, of course, even if I don’t win this competition, I’m pretty sure that I’ll be an premium membership in the future.

Thanks everyone!

I want to win this Competition and I need your help!

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