Artwork by Melike Atasoy

Artwork by Melike Atasoy

My Rhythm of Lines And Colours of Emotions

Hi, My name is Melike. I’m 27 years old and from Turkey-Antalya. I graduated from university which department is labour economics and industrial relation.After university I worked with international companies in human resources department for 2 years and then I left my job because I never felt myself belonged there. When I was young my parents were always telling to me you should go to university which has given guaranteed that job and money. But I preferred painting despite everything.

Actually since my childhood I was telling to my parents and people around me that I am going to be a painter.But you know, the reality is sometimes harder than dreams especially in Turkey about art and unfortunately being successful in art or being satisfied with your own art is almost impossible.Because in Turkish universities their education system is almost everywhere standard and after graduation you can not make your own art or its impossible to be a real artist.

For me art is necessary for my life like water, like food and my reason for coming to this amazing world, my purpose of creation is painting.I think that I express myself with lines and I want to show to whole world my emotions via art. I want improve myself about all techniques of art (Perspective, Anatomy etc.) I watched drawing academy lessons and I found these lessons are very useful for me. I’m sure that drawing academy can make my visions real about my art. Two years ago I quit my job and career because of these visions. And now I’m working almost everyday in atelier for no money since 2018 because I believe with my all heart that I can be very successful artist with my paintings. All I need is a professional help for my art.

I believe that Drawing academy will be my breakpoint.

If you vote for me, you will give me an amazing motivation and improvement opportunity to do my dream job. I want to win this course because I want to create and artist of my own with my rhythm of my lines and colours of my emotions. This is my only dream that I think passionately every second.

I want to win this Competition and I need your help!

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  1. Elif says:

    I’m very impressed with your art passion. We need someone who a passionate artist like you.I hope you win this award and improve yourself with your art dreams. Good luck Melike.

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