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The girl in dark

I’m Hamna Gadar, as long as I can remember I have had a love and passion to draw since a very young age.

I always did well in art classes and aspired to be an artist as I grew up.

I planned on art being my career of choice and loved every aspect of creating works of art as extension of my mind and hands. I tended towards my realistic and naturalistic art. However, art, for me is not just a piece of work, it is an expression. I always a way yo express myself sometimes it’s art or sometime it’s poetry.

Although when required I did well in that art form but it was not enough something was missing always and I knew that it was the professional practice of art. I joined Drawing Academy and watched a few drawing academy video lessons and I felt it important to join complete course at Drawing Academy.

In my opinion art is the toughest work in this world, if it is considered as work. I believe that art is field of creativity and love that’s why I never feel overloaded while being involved in art.

I believe, being an artist, for girls like me specially is a blessing as well as a tough thing, after all we have to make the world acknowledge us as an artist and it’s not easy but I can do it because I really don’t know when to give up. I am a believer and may be that’s why I call myself an artist because I draw something I believe in it.

If I were so lucky and got this opportunity my story would literally have a new and interesting chapter which would bring me joy and alongside very valuable experience.

Right now I’m seeking votes from everyone and if I get a lot of votes then it’ll be a great step for me for being accepted as an artist.

I’m looking forward to get a bundles of votes from you all.

Thank You

I want to win this Competition and I need your help!

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