The World of My Imagination

The World of My Imagination

Story and artwork from Maya Aurel

Hello, I’m Maya. A plain regular person who fell in love with fine arts. I started drawing at a young age of 5. Back then i loved cartoon and anime thus I always draw them. Up until last year, I’ve only drawn with something like anime style. In fact, I discover the world of fine arts through a manga called Blue Period. I immediately found it fascinating. I want to depict people as how they are. I also began painting since then, but it’s hard to paint when you don’t have a good drawing skill.

It’s also hard for me to find a fine arts academy in where i live (Indonesia) and as I’m only a student, I couldn’t afford even the online course. It’s so frustrating for me to have so many vision but unable to pour it onto the canvas or any other media I used because my lack of skill.

In the midst of my concern, I found this website. I watched all the Drawing Academy course previews, they’re so interesting and comprehensive. When I saw the free course it offers for winning the drawing competition, I thought, let’s give it a try! So please vote for me and let me bring the world in my imagination to life!

I want to win this Competition and I need your help!

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