Un hombre simple

Un hombre simple

Story and artwork from Juan Andres Cespedes Vega

My name is Juan Andrés Céspedes Vega and I live in Colombia. Going to the questionnaire, I can say that art for me is a way to express what I feel, I see it as a way to get the garbage out of my head, I could say that it helps me a lot mentally, and although I feel that I don’t do it well, my challenge has always been to improve in everything, since I am just a simple rookie who wants to improve every day, of everything I want to learn, I am interested in making the shape of the human body to be able to mould it to my own tastes, of course even if this is my goal I would like to take advantage of everything that the reward of this contest can give me to be able to improve every day, moving on to the next question, the idea I have about the DRAWING ACADEMY academy is very good since I have been told that they are very good in what they do and that they have learned a lot from this place, but I don’t know what else I can say, I know this academy thanks to this contest that they are doing, which is something quite positive since they give novice artists the opportunity to be able to render of these types of courses, and if I win, I will be able to answer this question with certainty, I think I have already made it clear why I want to win this course, and finally, why should you vote for me? I want to know why you should do it, but if you do, believe me I’ll take advantage of everything the course gives me, Thank you for voting for me.

I want to win this Competition and I need your help!

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