Story and artwork from Zvezdana Stankovic

Story and artwork from Zvezdana Stankovic


Story and artwork from Zvezdana Stankovic

I am a journalist by profession, but I have published several books and I have mostly lived art for 33 years, as a collaborator and best friend of one of the greatest Serbian actors and writers, Zoran Rankić, from whose play “Kalemegdan people” (1994) is this drawing, portrait of the Serbian comedian Zika Milenkovic, called ARE YOU KIDDING ME.

My challenges in drawing, to which I have dedicated especially the last 2 years of my life, working very intensively, on over 40 portraits, are primarily of a technical nature, in order to portray the people from the portraits as faithfully as possible.

I want to learn more about portrait drawing techniques, so that my works are as vivid as possible.

I think Drawing Academy is a fantastic way to master various techniques and to learn a lot from the masters of this art.

I would like to win this competition because I don’t have enough money for a personal professor, and if I progress, I might be able to exhibit my works in theaters, because my portraits are mostly well-known acting legends of Serbian theater.

I would like people to vote for me because my really daily and exhausting work would make more sense and because in that way they would help me realize my path to the promotion of theater and the intention that great acting legends are not forgotten and that people outside my country may be interested and watch some of their films.

I want to win this Competition and I need your help!

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