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The little frog

The little frog

Story and artwork from Taha Ragheed

I am a medical student who spent most of his life living from struggle to another. My childhood was raised in the boundaries of war and uncertainty, which lead me to travel the world and experience living in many different ways. And throughout my journey in this life, art and music has always created a place of calm and awe. The craftmanship and discipline of an artist is nothing but breathtaking, the methods they used, the patience they had and the vision they have captured within the frame of realty is a blessing to humankind.

Besides the technical challenges, the creation a visual masterpiece that carries a tale within the boundaries of a frame has always been a challenge for me and I don’t think I will ever fully learn it. When looking at Art throughout history, the only thought that occur to me is how they reached this point where they have created this visual tale. I only wish to reach a similar talent where I can paint my ideas in a composition that can capture the beholders eye.

Drawing academy is a hope for a person like me, where I have no capacity to learn painting by going to painting classes in real life. They have a vast variety of teaching methods in a structured syllabus which is heavily intriguing and the benefit of it is that I can learn at my own pace.

I would like to win, just like everyone else, because of the very useful tools and teachings by the wonderful teachers at Drawing academy.

If you would like to see my artistic craft only become better, and see more paintings of animals, beauty and the visions that I wanna paint, please vote for me!

I want to win this Competition and I need your help!

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