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A poor man’s dream

A poor man's dream

I am Senthil Kumar, from a small town in India. I became fond of drawing from my childhood and art is always close to my heart.

I was lucky to befriend with one artist during my school days. While the kids of my age enjoyed playing after coming from the school, I spent time with the artist and watch him painting. For me it was like watcing a magic show. The magic unfolded in front of my eyes from his brushes. Then and there I decided to learn drawing and become an artist.

I dreamt of becoming a skilled artist but couldn’t pursue drawing as my parents were afraid because financially it will not help our family. I had to choose some other course to get a job so that I can take care of my family.

I lack basic skills of drawing and coloring.

When I came to Drawing Academy courses I was very happy and immediately subscribed for free courses.

I want to learn drawing from the basics and winning the drawing academy course will help me a lot to improve my skills and become an artist I’m of dreaming of.

I’m attaching my pencil drawing here which shows my father doing his tailoring work. I would be very grateful for people vote for me as I am not afford to pay for the complete course.

Thanks for entire team of Drawing Academy.

I want to win this Competition and I need your help!

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