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The Godfather Panda

The Godfather Panda

Story and artwork from Silvija D.

Greetings everyone!

My name is Silvija. I work as a preschool teacher. At my work and in my life and free time, I often use my hands to make something. I can sew by hand and with machine, knit, crochet… People around me would say that I’m a crafty person. Me and my hands did hundreds of items for me or for somebody else.

When I made something, I used my drawing skills mainly for a rough sketch of how I wanted something to look when is finished. I loved the colors and enjoyed them when making something. But, I thought to myself, that the lovely drawings and illustrations are for somebody else. I couldn’t do that, could I?

About three years ago, I decided to go to the local art school for adults. I did the exercises at the class but didn’t make the time (or will) to practice more at home. So I paused my art classes and joked about it and said that when I retire, THEN I’ll make paintings and art that actually would somebody want on their wall! But, a couple months ago, I started to feel a need to paint, to draw. I didn’t want to wait for my retirement. And I said to myself, okay – I will draw or paint something, anything, just to start and to do art, the rest will come eventually. But, it didn’t. I used photos as a reference, looked various YouTube artists and tried to do what they did. Sometimes my works looked okay but mostly no. And I realized that I have to improve my drawing skills. So I searched for more info, and found Drawing Academy which dazzled me with classical fine art works on their page. Looking at their drawing lessons and free demos I realized that I don’t know ANYTHING about how to draw. Or at least how to correctly hold the pencil.

And so I decided that I want to learn how to draw. I decided that I want to learn about human anatomy, proportions, perspective, line quality, shading… All that and much more so I can realize images, thoughts and feelings that I have. They need to come loose, they need to be free. And I know that winning this contest could help me achieve this.

I submit my comic illustration. Please, allow me to introduce The Godfather Panda. He came alive when I had to stay at home. My husband asked me if I could make a panda character to print it on a t-shirt and to wear it as he is a wannabe jiu jitsu fighter and likes pandas

Obviously this is far from perfect. But, that’s why I’m here. I want to learn more. And If you vote for me, you will help me to achieve my goal. And maybe, when I’m finished with the course, you would want my painting on your wall! Or more panda illustrations.

Thank you for your time, and have a great day and life!

Yours truly,
Silvija D.

I want to win this Competition and I need your help!

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