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Seeking excellence

Seeking excellence

Story and artwork from Michel de Longue Epee

My name is Michel, I am a Frenchman from Canada, I work as a technician in the Aircraft industry.

I’ve been drawing since I was a child. Drawing has been for me the most faithful friend of my life. It never let me down on good days and bad days.

I have followed over the years some basic formation with friend artists, I also read all the books I could get my hands on and at the ‘’New Master Academy’’. For a few years I been drinking everything that is available on the internet, there is some good there but a lot of useless stuff. So now I am on a plateau from which, I feel, can no longer evolve without a direction structure and advice target. I am getting older now and on the crossover point of professional retirement and want to devote my time to mastering figurative drawing. I dream of this drawing which I could say, I could not have done better.

For several months I have been hearing about Drawing Academy and the excellence of the trainers and program focus on the artist specific needs. I think it’s exactly the environment I need to step-up and reach the next level of my artistic evolution. I do not know if I will one day perceive myself or if I can be considered by other as a master in drawing but that is the goal I set myself and the level I want to reach. I definitely believe Drawing Academy is the best way to reach this point or at least get close to.

In my opinion the level I have reached at the moment deserves people to vote for me and that with the help of Drawing academy I will become in the years to come a source of inspiration for the artists in the making.

I want to win this Competition and I need your help!

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