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Pink Passion

Pink Passion

Story and artwork from Arey Ricardo Gutarra Inga

My story: I draw since I was a child, I painted walls, Funny story recovering my sketchbook bc I was drawing at class. I draw since I have memory. I used to draw every place and every moment I even drew on the walls with crayons and colour pencils. Drawing has always been with me. I remember that one day – at school – I was drawing in my sketchbook during the class and my teacher saw me, so she took my sketchbook. I felt bad that moment, but I need to recover My Precious. That day, when I finished all my classes, I waited for my teacher to go somewhere so I could take my sketch. The teacher went to the bathroom, so I quickly and as silent, as I could, I went to the teacher’s desk, took my sketchbook and ran away as fast as possible. That was exciting and a little bit dangerous, but I recovered what I wanted.

Along my school days, I kept drawing, though sometimes I used to feel that I did not have enough time to do that. During high school, I discovered my other passion: science and math. I felt that I was good at science, so when I decided school I decided to follow a career on it. I’m currently studying a degree in biology and I like it, but the last one and a half year I felt really bad bc I realized something really sad: I had betrayed drawing. I mean, I still loved drawing but I didn’t give it enough time. I was not spending with drawing, loving it, expressing my feelings with it. I said that I loved it but I was not showing it … so I betrayed it.

Fortunately, the pandemic time helped me to realize that. That’s the reason why I decided to give me time to love and enjoy again. I started drawing every day  (at least half-hour a day) and looking for some books/tutorials of drawing (as I did before) and I found Drawing Academy on the web and I liked it a lot. Since child to now, I think that I’ve improved a lot with videos on YT and some useful websites, but I’m currently stuck. Though I keep drawing, sometimes I feel lost and I don’t know what to do to progress more and faster. That’s why I think that Drawing Course could help me a lot.

I like and admire several expressions of visual art. I like comic and manga, I like digital art, concept art, illustration, watercolour painting, and more. But of all of them, what I like the most is the realistic and expressive drawing. Moreover, realism is the foundation of all of that. I’ve always admired a lot the old masters and some of my favourites are Michelangelo Buonarroti and Leonardo Da Vinci. Their control of shapes, anatomy and rhythm is really astonishing. In particular, I see Leonardo as someone I’d like to be. Leo was a great artist but also studied anatomy, medicine, anatomy and engineer through its drawings. I’d like to mix in some way my passions: art and science, as he did. That’s why I want to learn the fundamentals of Fine Arts.

When I draw, one of the sources of inspiration is fantasy movies. I love fantasy because it takes me to different and magic places. It makes me feel a lot of emotions and it makes me dream. My other source of inspiration is my own dreams. I like to have a dream journal. When I read my written dreams, I often found really crazy but sometimes also beautiful and astonishing places and creatures. My aim is to reach a mastery level on drawing and painting such that I could portray all of my magic creatures and wild-mysterious places in a simple, efficient and realistic way. I want to make my characters alive… that they can smile, suffer and surprise themself. I want to capture the feeling of people in portraits and figure drawing (catch the rhythm) so that with that knowledge I could construct magic-realistic characters that can tell you a whole story in a single frame or in a simple sketch with few lines. Capturing that feeling from the real-life and understand it I think it’s probably one of the hardest tasks to do. That’s my dream and I think that learning from old masters is the best road to start with.

Finally, I’m going to tell you a little bit about the story of my drawing. When I find out about the contest, I wanted to participate with a special drawing to me (not just a simple good-looking copy), so I decided to draw something that inspired me a lot. The drawing is a character that I designed based on a person that I know and who inspires me a lot. I love talking to her. She is really hot (not in a bad way), in mean, she literally lights the fire of your soul. The first time I saw her (in a workshop), she made the crowd vibe. She’s full of energy and her eyes and movements connect with your spirit. Right now we are not in the same country, but she still fir me up when I talk to her. And I know that that fire of passion she causes is not only with me but with many other people. All of that was a great source of inspiration and motivation.  The character is a fantastic version of her (though she is already fantastic enough). I think that the reason for the flames is obvious (having in count the above explanation), the colour of the flames is pink bc she had pink hair when I met her (I think it suits her pretty well). And she is flying due to the power of passion.

Drawing it was really hard because I usually draw from reference, I think it looks a little bit stick, but I’m still happy with the result. I think that I’m good at copying from references, but I can improve even more and I’d really want to learn how to draw from imagination (that’s a nightmare to me), bc I’m really bad at it. That’s why I think that it would be really great to win the Drawing Academy Course. Wining the price would allow me to say “I’m sorry for everything, but I’m back <3" to Drawing. I want to tell a story with my characters and transmit that feeling to others.  Drawing is wonderful, drawing is magic, drawing is fire, drawing is mist, drawing is the storm, drawing is the sound of the forest, drawing is spirit, drawing is darkness and light, drawing is ephemeral and at the same time eternal, and drawing is a part of my soul.

I want to win this Competition and I need your help!

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