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Renaissance Self Portrait

Renaissance Self Portrait

Artwork and story from Angelica Candido

Art was a lost and found passion of mine, lost during the times when I felt that art didn’t matter then joyously found again when I started to create with a purpose and clear vision. The style of art has changed in the course of the years but the freedom of self expression through gestured lines remains. And that’s the beauty of art-to touch another soul with the use of visual symbols. I was always a quiet one and art gave me the space to express my creativity.

Art has been both challenging yet rewarding, frustrating yet meditative. The balance between these states is where I find myself while drawing and coming up with ideas that will bring stagnant objects to life. Art has taken a massive role in my life, there are so many concepts I want to learn and practice. My aim is towards pursuing the fine art of painting.

Drawing Academy helps with this aspect to teach the ways of classical masters in order to create wonderful, compelling pieces of art. I was always intrigued by the masters which is why this self portrait reflects a Renaissance style portrait of my cat and I. Winning this would be beneficial to me in order to improve constantly with hard work.

Receiving your vote would be greatly appreciated in this journey of creating art. This is a journey I wish to pursue and every help counts!

I want to win this Competition and I need your help!

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