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Sobouhi Arif

Sobouhi Arif

Artwork and story from Sobouhi Ashraf

An artist inverts his/her observations into canvas, craft and performance that does not only reflect creativeness but also society’s believe / culture / trend.

Sobouhi Arif is a Fine Artist based in Karachi-Pakistan who works in drawing, painting and crafting. She, an alumnus of University of Karachi, was awarded Gold Medal for securing 1st Position in MSc. – Applied Physics(Electronics). She was initially employed as an Application Engineer in a corporate but later, drove her career towards the art world due to deep passion in it.

At early age, Sobouhi brought out her talent by carving candles and indulged in as a self-taught artist. Gradually, she has been involved in refining her skills through various certifications, trainings and workshops from multiple institutions.

Since she pursues a visual art profession, she is now honoured to be a part of Creative Commons Forum-Karachi where she is engaged as a media coordinator.

Sobouhi believes creativity comes from inside and art is like a meditation which distracts from worries, reduces stress, builds self-esteem and revitalizes a healthy state of mind.

She opts conventional media for transformation of her ideas including oil paint, oil pastel, soft pastel, water colour, charcoal, graphite, pen and markers. Her practices mostly concentrate on landscapes, still-lives and figurative which recall simple pleasures in our daily life. Her paintings have been exhibited in numerous art fairs. However, she also participated in various contests and ultimately won some of them.

Her crafts have an expression of South Asian cultural values and its social exposure. She carves aluminium sheet with domestic traditional patterns.

She personally creates the decors for her parties and occasionally, she likes to bake homemade snacks as well.

Artist Statement

In my view, art has endless limits and an artist should be a lifetime learner which leads an individual’s work to more and more perfection. That’s why, I have been exploring the possibilities to invite mass viewership to my creations.

I adore drawing and painting more than any other work. Further to insight about it, I usually develop my concepts by pencil outlines, make use of variety of colours and bring best brushstrokes onto the canvas.

My craft and decor works revolve around aesthetically cultural representation in our usual routines. For its innovation, I envision the design first with social association and then construct from assortment of appropriate accessories.


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