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Passion deserves everything

Artwork and story from Steve

At the age of seven I started taking pictures of bridges. I don’t know why exactly but they held a fascination for me. By the time I was twelve I was consumed by a passion for maps and drawing my own maps put me in a place other than the reality of a world I was not enjoying. I had few friends and preferred reading and going to art galleries. I was disappointed to find I could not draw. I practiced and practiced, often for hours at a time for months but never got far.

Over time I learned to draw mechanical objects and the basics of design but steered away from anything that required a real understanding of drawing and most importantly control of the link between hand and the brain. It is as if I can draw mechanically – rather like painting with numbers.

Now I am being asked to teach others and I know I don’t have genuine skills. Drawing Academy doesn’t rely on tricks and gimmicks it uses thorough teaching methods and I respect these.

I am a retired teacher now and have the opportunity to teach young people the pleasure of drawing and how it can enrich their lives.

If I should have the chance to take this course I would try my best to pass on any skills to others.

I want to win this Competition and I need your help!

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