New in arts

New in arts

Story and artwork from Cindy Delory

Hello Everybody!

When I have seen your different website, I have a truly crush about your learning. I feel that you way to learn correspond me! I am on a crossroad about my life and I prepare to move in an another country (I cross the finger very strong for that) and hence, I can’t engage myself in a fine-arts training.

I began the drawing and (and thereafter oil painting) during the second confinement in Paris in my tiny studio. When I drew and I concentrate on my draw, the time fly! I love that! It’s very addictive. Then, I explore different medium and the first time I touch oil painting I knew ! It’s as draw with a cloud ! It’s marvellous.

At this moment, I study human figure and I often some difficulty to draw complex scene, that It see with the draw that I present you and the website help me in this sense.

I have the intention to buy soon the oil painting course, but I could not afford to buy them and I have the impression to need more help in oil painting.

The Drawing Academy course will help me to improve my drawing skills and have the possibility to translate my ideas in drawing and not to just copy some photos or models.

I love to learn to draw building and architecture in the details as the old masters.

I am again to the begin of the travel, so this course help me a lot.

Thanks you for the reading

I want to win this Competition and I need your help!

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