Art as my Passion

Art as my Passion

Story and artwork from Anagha B.

Hello everyone, I am a student from India. I don’t know where to start or how to start. Here in India there are many art teachers and students who would teach them to draw during there vacations. Indian thinks that art can’t be taken as a profession and its not given much due attention. In my case that was what happened. My parents let me to study drawing for 2 months when I was in 4th standard and after that I couldn’t continue my studies. There where lot of family problems and pressure that I can’t in my dreams too can’t take drawing as my profession. As I grew up my craving for art and drawing increased. I would search in Youtube for videos as I can’t afford to pay for my art classes.

My techniques are not good and I need professional help which I think I could get it from Drawing academy.

Drawing Academy will be a great help for me to develop my drawing skills and to prove to myself and to others that every skill is important and if one door is closed thousand other doors will open before us to take next step towards our goal.

I want to win this so badly that I pray and request each and everyone who visit my page to help me to win this. I want your kindness as your votes so that I might get this great opportunity. I think you guys will help me and kindly do share this with your friends and help me to win this.

I want to win this Competition and I need your help!

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