The change

The change

Story and artwork from Bhavnagar Srivastava

I remember drawing sceneries, birds and trees as far as my memory goes. From drawing on the paper covers of garment boxes to painting on canvases, I have enjoyed art in my leisure, exhaustion, lumber and worry. I have never taken any professional guidance, a need I never realised till I stumbled upon the videos of Drawing Academy.

Anatomy is the subject which has always drawn me to the works of Western artists. I have always tried to avoid drawing humans for drawing bodies was a work that I could never do properly. Looking at the works of Bernini and Caravaggio, I always aspired to create a drama through my drawings, to let my characters speak with their body and let the play of light be their jury. For a long time I thought that such depictions are the solemn rights of trained artists and esoteric art circles. An amateur like me could not even have access to such an education.

When I saw the first video of Drawing Academy, the lost hope rekindled, the dream of learning art than just making art seemed to be right at my disposal.

My subject here is a sketch of the famous Baroque sculpture ‘Apollo and Daphne’ by Gian Lorenzo Bernini. This sculpture is a moment of transformation where a change happens, where Apollo’s beloved Daphne leaves her mortality and lets herself grow into a tree. Although this sculpture is not a sculpture of joy yet it is an image of change, changing from what we already know to learning something new. The details, the swinging arms, the waving drapery, the delicate growth of laurel leafs on fingertips can only let a person disbelieve that such a creation is humanly. By learning from the experienced tutors of art academy, I want anatomy to become the skelton for my works.

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